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LG Showcases its Full Tech Ecosystem at Houston Roadshow

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LG Roadshow attendees discover a myriad of industry solutions. The LG Roadshow made its last stop in Houston, TX last week; the roadshows are a way for #AVTweeps to get up close and hands-on with LG’s latest and greatest commercial display innovations and certified partner technologies. The focus of this event was clearly more than displays; it was plain to see that LG was all about the full technological ecosystem.

The Full Solution
Showcases, like the LG Roadshow, are a great place to check out the company’s products in your own backyard. But this event served a greater purpose: the ability to see the full solution with LG’s technology integrated into partner technologies. And that’s important, because, according to Daniel Leunig, LG’s senior national sales manager, “We sell solutions by working with our partners.”

At this event, there were two new partners involved, one of which was Datapath. “We do nothing without great displays, we are the processors,” said Eric Wooten, the company’s Midwest U.S. senior sales manager. Datapath had its new iolite 600 controller with WallControl 10 software on display. With the software, Wooten said, you can easily and quickly place any piece of information anywhere you’d like. And, in this case, all of that information was placed on an LG display.

Another newcomer to the LG Roadshow was rp Visual Solutions (rpVS), a company known for its cool, creative designs. When LG and rpVS put their heads together, the results will be an artistic deployment, and one that will allow easy access to the back of the screens for any required maintenance, according to James Fife, the company’s consultant extension. When asked about upcoming deployments with LG solutions, Fife played coy but did say, “We have a very unique project about to take place in New York—that’s all I can say about that right now—but an integrator will be able to easily access the displays with no problem.”

A World of Content
Along with the company’s displays, LG’s webOS was live and in action at the roadshow. Not just for consumer TVs, webOS is a smart signage, multipurpose platform that can be easily integrated into displays to provide various solutions; it is a web-centric, built-in media player with system on a chip architecture, cutting costs on buying multiple media players in spaces with large amounts of displays deployed, according to Peter Kim, technical product manager, LG. “Eighty percent of the industry won’t need any extra equipment when using webOS,” he said.

With a myriad of both LG and its partner solutions on display, it is no wonder these roadshows have become such a popular event for AV professionals. Patrick May, strategic accounts manager, Milestone AV Technologies, summed it up best: “LG is out on the forefront; they’re innovative with their technology, and it creates a better roadmap for us.”

Alesia Hendley is a young AV professional who is determined to leave her mark by making an impact, not just an impression. She can be reached on Twitter @thesmoothfactor.


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