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NYDSW Highlight: LG’s NY Roadshow

NYDSW Highlight: LG’s NY Roadshow
  • Focusing on OLED and display innovation, LG showcased its latest solutions at its New York Roadshow during New York Digital Signage Week. The well-attended event gave AV pros the chance to test drive LG’s latest suites and meet LG’s partners, like TSItouch, Chief Manufacturing, Appspace, and Ping HD.
  • Cool Factor Required

As display technologies advance and prices drop, average designs just won’t cut it, so the first floor of the Roadshow was filled with LG’s most innovative solutions. “As digital signage evolves, people are looking for ‘unique,’” said Clark Brown, the company’s vice president of sales. And he believes LG has the broadest breadth of unique products. For example, LG screens use IPS technology to create color accuracy and off-angle viewing.

Forecast: OLED

LG offers myriad display technologies but the main talking point this quarter is OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. From video walls to store windows, to wayfinding, LG has a solution with OLED. For example, the dual-sided, ultra-slim OLED panel within a glass pane (55EG5CD) creates a unique opportunity for retailers like boutiques and art galleries to utilize the often-missed window space.

“LG doesn’t own OLED, but we are one of the few manufacturers who can mass-produce this technology for commercial use,” said Brown. “Right now, this is game-changing technology, but, soon, this will become what we think is normal.”