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Kramer Upgrades K-Touch Cloud-Based Control Solution

Kramer Upgrades K-Touch Cloud-Based Control Solution

Kramer has released its latest software upgrade for the K-Touch Control Platform, further simplifying the system design process and reducing the time it takes to build user-friendly room control systems over Ethernet for lights, screens, sound, AV equipment, HVAC, and thermostats.

K-Touch 3.2 saves time on both new installations and upgrades of existing installations with support for Kramer’s new FC-28 Ethernet Gateway.

Kramer FC-series I/O connectivity products allow non-Ethernet-based devices to be controlled over Ethernet. FC-28 has ten ports that include RS-232, GPIO, relays, and IR. Kramer RC-series button controllers can also be incorporated into any project to provide tactile operation.

K-Touch 3.2 also reduces configuration time with a new programming feature called “Global Macro.” Global Macro allows users to program a generic room control function one time without having to rewrite it for each new room. It should also shorten training time for designers just learning the system.

“This upgrade demonstrates our continued commitment to integrators to provide the most cost-effective and time-effective solution in the market for designing cutting-edge room control.” said Aviv Ron, vice president of Business Development & Strategy at Kramer.

K-Touch Control Solutions are scalable to hundreds of devices, multiple rooms and multiple sites, all of which are controllable from either an iOS or Android touch screen.

Integrators can configure systems with drag-and-drop functionality and simple coding. K-Touch provides access to an expanding library of 1000s of device drivers and dozens of programming modules (e.g., Apple TV, Foscam cameras, Vera Smarter Home Control products, Centralite Lighting, Phillips Hue, and iTunes). The platform includes Apple TV IP control, immersive full-screen mode and support for iPhone models, including iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

K-Touch is well suited for corporate environments, education facilities, entertainment venues, HOWs, and government agencies.

With K-Touch, integrators can provide remote Cloud-based support and updates to customers without having to be on-site. This could potentially translate to significant cost savings and higher ROI for integration companies.

Kramer offers a simple online training course that can be completed in a few hours. An extensive support database is available online and includes tutorials, articles, videos, and sample project files with additional instructions on performing both simple and complex tasks.

New dealers can benefit from Kramer’s K-Touch starter kit, which allows them to rapidly start selling and installing the platform.

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