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InfoComm 2014: Tech Talk AV Builds a Forum for Tech Managers

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The inaugural Tech Talk AV event for technology managers at InfoComm 2014 opened Tuesday evening to a highly engaged group of attendees that kept the conversation going well into the night.

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Control Concepts and BMA Software Solutions, both independent control systems programming providers, partnered to launch this new series of in-person and online network and resources.

Control Concepts Inc. of Fair Lawn, NJ, and BMA Software Solutions of Placentia, CA, both independent control systems programming providers, partnered to launch this new series of in-person and online network and resources. This first event was themed “Control Experts’ Tips from the Trenches.”

The keynote presentation from Steve Greenblatt of Control Concepts and Marc LaVecchia of BMA covered how to plan a system, boiling ideas down to a scope of work, system standardization, best practices for implementation, troubleshooting, and next steps.

The two control experts assembled a list of the top 10 tech manager challenges, which they ran through in descending order.

Buying a product based on a sales pitch was the first one discussed. LaVecchia urged tech managers to fight this urge because “pioneers get the arrows in the back,” he mused. Greenblatt added that they should take that product and work with it well before implementing; “put it in a pilot room,” he advised.

Designing systems before deciding what to do with them was up next, followed by designing specs while leaving out functionality. “Plan the work, and work the plan,” LaVecchia said. Tech managers should start by defining needs, the users, and then the system.

At this point right about the second slide in the presentation, tech managers started to jump in to ask questions and share their own specific experiences. There was no shortage of engaging contributions from the attendees.

Some of the other challenges on the list included trying to reinvent the wheel, changing what works for the sake of change, updating firmware just because, not keeping the latest as builts, not keeping the latest code revisions, not maintaining records of modifications, and failing to identify what makes your job easier.


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Building the Future of AV at InfoComm’s AVEC

As AV industry luminaries were shuffled along into the banquet hall, glasses already swaying in hands, the hallways abuzz with the continuation of laughter and greetings—groups were coalescing for spontaneous photographs—and no one was paying attention to the direction they headed nor seemed to care where that was anyway. The memory registers as more of a scene from The Great Gatsby than what one would expect from InfoComm’s 2015 AV Executive Conference (AVEC).

Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum

The recently completed "Intelligent Buildings Roadmap" project is one of the most significant efforts ever produced by CABA. This project provides details on owner needs, the challenges we face as an industry, and the detailed action plans required to dramatically grow our industry.

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Listen Champion Award Honors Broadway Theater Management Director for Assistive Listening Leadership

The inaugural Listen Champion Award, honoring those exemplifying leadership in assistive listening, was presented to Bill Register of the Nederlander Producing Company at a ceremony in New York City on October 14. Register is the director of facilities and theater management for Nederlander, owner of nine Broadway theaters, and he has spearheaded the effort to bring the latest assistive listening technology to Broadway.

CTEW Tech Talks Announced

Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW), to take place April 27-28, 2011 in San Francisco, has announced the lineup for their “Tech Talks”. The Tech Talk Theaters on the CETW expo floor will feature discussions led by industry experts who will address a multitude of critical customer engagement issues and hot top