Vutec Launches Reverse Roll Screen -

Vutec Launches Reverse Roll Screen

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Coral Springs, FL--Vutec Corporation has launched the new Reverse Roll front deploy projection screen, on display at CES & ISE 2012.

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“Reverse roll is ideal for multi-purpose applications and designed to deploy in front of a flat panel TV when a larger projected image is desired,” said Howard Sinkoff, CEO of Vutec.

Reverse roll is commonly used to clear obstructions near the screen mounting surface and allows the screen material to roll off the front of the roller drum. Available in two models, Lectric I-RR (self supported surface) and Lectric III-RR (tab-tensioned surface). Both models come standard with value-added features including Vutec’s EMS mounting system and FRS (fabric relief step) that eliminates horizontal lines in the fabric.

Available with White or Black housing finishes and screen sizes ranging from 72”-180” (D) in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 formats.


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Elite Screens Insta-DE2

Elite Screens, Inc . has revealed the latest addition to its line of pliable whiteboard-projection screens, Insta-DE2.   The Insta-DE2 Screen is a pliable projection screen material that is ultra-sheer for converting  smooth wall surfaces and windows into an interactive whiteboard/projection

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Draper Expands Access Screen Line

  Spiceland, IN-- Draper has expanded the company’s patented Access screen line of motorized, ceiling-recessed projection screens. Access XL screens are offered in a range of large sizes not previously available in Access screen models. Access XL projection screens offer many of the ben

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Da-Lite Launches Dry-Erase Projection Screen

Da-Lite will release a magnetic and erasable projection screen solution that is optimized for use with SMART LightRaise interactive projectors. LightRaise interactive projectors are wall-mounted, ultra-short throw projectors that transform a dry-erase projection screen into an interactive surface without the need for additional hardware.

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Elite Lunette Screen

The Lunette uses Elite 's AcousticPro A4K acoustically transparent material. It is a 1.1 gain projection surface with its angular mesh weave design for optimal sound penetration.   The A4K material was crafted to allow in-wall speakers behind the screen to give a high quality audio performan