Grund Audio LC-2SA/5SA/8SA -

Grund Audio LC-2SA/5SA/8SA

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The What: The Grund Audio LC-2SA, LC-5SA, and LC-8SA are powered subwoofers designed for use with the company’s LC Series column line arrays.

The What Else: The LC-2SA subwoofer features a 1,200-watt Class D amplifier, while the LC-5SA and the LC-8SA employ 1,600- and 1,800-watt Class D amplifiers, respectively. All three subwoofers include onboard DSP capabilities that provide programmable loudspeaker management settings that optimize the column array/subwoofer combination for a variety of environments ranging from corporate presentation spaces and houses of worship to education and DJ.

The Bottom Line: Manufactured in the USA, the new LC Series subwoofers are built using 13-ply Baltic birch wood for superior performance and cabinet rigidity. The combination of Gala column arrays and LC Series subwoofers is easily expandable from the basic 2.1 system to more elaborate setups, as the DSP / power module can be switched to accommodate larger systems as more loudspeakers are added.


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Crest Audio CPS Series Loudspeakers

Crest Audio is proud to announce the new CPS series of powered loudspeakers. The CPS line is comprised of three compact full-range speakers and two subwoofers. The CPS10, CPS12 and CPS15 loudspeakers feature two-way designs driven by 1,200W Class-D Crest Audio power amplifier sections. The CPS15 Sub and CPS18 Sub subwoofers feature 2,000W Class-D Crest Audio power amps.