Mobile Retailing Conference To Be Held June 3 -

Mobile Retailing Conference To Be Held June 3

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“Mobile Retailing – Are you ready?” is the theme of the upcoming Mobile Retailing conference, to be held in London, June 3rd. Show organizers note that:

• Tesco currently has over 250,000 unique visitors per month to its Mobile Retailing Portal

• Gartner research suggests two Tier 1 Retailers will claim 20 percent of their purchases are influenced by Mobile Retailing by the end of THIS year

• The leading Mobile Retailing exponents in the US are already generating over $1M in sales per month though their Mobile Retailing Channel.

The Mobile Retailing conference from Retail Knowledge is a one day event, to take place June 3rd, that lifts the lid on mobile, it will help retailers understand how the mobile channel is going to impact on the way you reach your customers through this latest and most intimate of channel – a channel that is here now, ready and open for business.

The third outing of “Mobile Retailing” and the second as a pure stand alone event illustrates the exceptionally strong interest from retailers, and their agencies, in understanding much more about the potential of the mobile platform as a marketing tool, and more importantly what mobile commerce means for the retailing industry today.

Why Mobile Retailing? With so much going for it as a medium, one of the biggest questions for marketing professionals in retail and fmcg has been why mobile has struggled to deliver on its earlier promise? But that’s all about to change… with mobile payments industry cleaning up its act, the introduction of flat rate data tariffs by operators and the buzz around mobile advertising and content it looks like 2009 is going to be a breakthrough year for the massive global mobile industry.

More than ever retailers and their agencies need to understand how the flurry of new technologies, the latest mobile content, services and mobile advertising developments are going to help them engage, interact and create more revenue opportunities with consumers.

Mobile Retailing is bringing together some of the leading mobile technologists, content providers and operators in a one day event that will help lift the lid on the complex area of mobile. This event is designed to provide vital information to retailers that will help them understand more about is really happening in mobile before deciding if creating a mobile strategy is relevant for their own organizations.
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