Industry Briefing Webinar - Oct 24th -

Industry Briefing Webinar - Oct 24th

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Presented by industry analyst, advisor and educator Lyle Bunn, a special October 24 Webinar (will provide an executive summary/briefing of the key insights offered in over 40 presentation and panel sessions at the Technology Media Summit (Oct 11), DPAA Media Summit (Oct 16) and the Strategy Institute Investors Conference (Oct 17-18).

The Webinar, “Update and Outlook for Ad-based Networks,” will outline what is happening related to:

•end user attitudes that are driving and holding projects
•sourcing and supply chains
•ad agencies, as media planners/buyers and end user advisors
•analytics and business intelligence
•the position of dynamic signage related to other media
•social media including the prevailing attitudes of major brands
•the status of the sector related to its compound annual growth curve
•the outlook for the industry

The Webinar will take place Wednesday, October 24, 2012. 2-3PM ET. Click here for more information.

Click here to register for the Webinar. (free, registration required)


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DPAA Summit Oct 22 NYC

The DPAA Summit – Video Everywhere will take place in New York on October 22. The summit provides an opportunity to connect with senior executives from the media business and learn about the opportunities in this fast growing sector.

Schulman to Keynote Digital Media Summit Oct. 16

The Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) has chosen Alan Schulman, chief creative officer, SapientNitro, to keynote the association’s 5th annual Digital Media Summit at the New York Hilton on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Registration is now open for the day-long event.

DSE Industry Forum Oct. 7

Digital Signage Expo's first Industry Forum, to be held October 7-9, 2010, is still accepting registration. The Forum is an “opportunity for end user guests and sponsors to network and create long-lasting relationships with peers and digital signage industry experts in a relaxed and enjoyable setting”, according to D

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DSF-BUNN Network Operator Bootcamp Webinar

Following Media Week in New York, including the DPAA Media Summit and Investors Conference, the changing role of digital signage and digital out-of-home networks will be described. Place-based signage is moving beyond “advertising value” to “value as a medium”. It must deliver viewer engagement and contribute to omnichannel communications success, and so the way the medium is presented and sold by place-based network operators, and purchased by agencies, brands and others who pay for “flights,” campaigns, messaging and sponsorship is changing.

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AOpen Forum Oct. 10-11 San Francisco

The 2012 AOpen Forum will take place Oct. 10-11 in San Francisco. The forum brings together leading retail industry experts for a review of trends, technologies and solutions designed to help drive businesses forward. AOpen will feature their Interconnected Digital Ecosystem for retail and QSR applications, among other digital retail products.

4K/UHD Symposium Oct 21 in Hollywood

Insight Media, in partnership with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) will produce the upcoming SMPTE Symposium: Next-Gen Image Formats: More, Better, or Faster Pixels?