EAW Debuts RADIUS Loudspeaker Family

EAW Debuts RADIUS Loudspeaker Family

The RADIUS series of loudspeakers from EAW

The What: Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has debuted RADIUS, an intelligent family of loudspeakers for both portable and permanent installation applications.

The What Else: The EAW RADIUS Series is a comprehensive family that includes point source, line source, stage monitor, and subwoofer loudspeakers. The complete range consists of 8-inch and 12-inch two-way point-source loudspeakers that are available in two horn patterns: a double 8-inch articulated line array, single 12-inch, and 18-inch subwoofer models, and will soon add a 12-inch coaxial stage monitor.

At the heart of the entire RADIUS family lies the EAWmosaic iOS-based application. This completely integrated platform provides for wireless prediction, control, and monitoring at any location in the venue.

Beyond the all-wood enclosures, EAW Roadcoat finish, minimalist aesthetic, and Power Factor Corrected Class D amplification, all models in the RADIUS family incorporate a range of refined features designed to simplify and accelerate the path to optimized results. They feature a large, legible navigation screen that provides on-box access to all RADIUS functions through the use of a simple turn-and-push encoder. Dual locking etherCON connectors provide simple daisy-chain Dante connectivity for single-cable audio and communications. There is also an integrated WAP connection on every RADIUS loudspeaker to provide flexible router placement options. XLR audio input and through connections provide an analog input option and automatic fail-over redundancy. And power is delivered via powerCON inlet and loop connections to simplify cable management.

The rear-panel LCD screen and encoder on each enclosure also provide direct access to a wide variety of useful functions. In addition to basic functions such as crossover and delay, users can select from a number of pre-tuned voicings or even perform an output check to verify transducer and amplifier functionality without the need for external equipment. Many model specific functions are also directly accessible from the back panel alone. The entire RADIUS line additionally includes a complete range of accessories to maximize the utility of the family, simplify logistics, and offer protection during transport and outdoor use.

The 41-pound RSX208L line array module incorporates two 8-inch woofers and two 1.4-inch voice coil compression drivers into a compact three-way package. The precision-engineered design uses the power of both 8-inch woofers to deliver low-frequency reinforcement while integrating tailored DSP to provide clean mid-range while maintaining both the wide coverage pattern and inherent acoustical symmetry. The RSX208L and RSX12 include array self-detection via onboard infrared sensors and accelerometers that enable new OptiLogic technology to pre-optimize the array, and air-loss compensation processing to dramatically reduce setup and tuning time.

The full-range point-source models are the 8-inch, two-way RSX86 and 89 (60x45 and 90x60, respectively) and the 12-inch, two-way RSX126 and 129, which feature the same directivity options as their smaller siblings. The horns can be rotated to facilitate horizontal installation while maintaining the preferred directivity. The 8-inch models weigh 33 pounds and the 12-inch models weigh 58 pounds. There are four user-selectable push-button voicings that are based upon feedback from key touring and installation contacts, and allow for a variety of tonal starting points without a computer or external processor.

The subwoofer models in the RADIUS family are the 76-pound, single 12-inch RSX12 and the 94-pound, single 18-inch RSX18. The RSX18 offers push-button cardioid functionality in stacks of two or three via simple rear-panel controls. No complex calculations are needed to achieve low-frequency control. Both subwoofer models offer significant sub-bass ground support and a high-passed output for all full-range products in the family, while the RSX12 specifically can also be flown with the companion RSX208L line array to form a truly integrated system.

“The value of Radius is far greater than the sum of its parts,” said TJ Smith, president and general manager of EAW. “Many manufacturers are producing high-featured products but very few are producing products that are self-aware of their location in the system and use that information to optimize system-wide performance in a given venue. No one is making systems like this at this price point.”

The Bottom Line: RADIUS brings EAW’s signature acoustical design prowess and technologies like EAW FocusingT and DynOT to a new powered and processed platform that integrates DanteT networking and iOS-based prediction, control, and monitoring, along with a number of useful and unique features that streamline setup and maximize results in minimal time.

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