Aaronia USA Expands LNA and Preamp Product Line

Aaronia USA Expands LNA and Preamp Product Line

The What: Aaronia USA, the exclusive North American distributor of Germany-based AaroniaAG RF and EMC test and measurement equipment, has expanded its External Preamplifier product line to include three new models. Previously, this line included two models of high-gain, low-noise 40dB preamps in frequency ranges from 1MHz–1GHz and 1kHz–10GHz, as well as two models of low-frequency preamplifiers in frequency ranges from 1Hz–50MHz.

The What Else: The new UBBV 1060 BPA is a battery-powered Bypass Preamp, offering a frequency range of 100MHz–6GHz with a 23dB sensitivity increase. With internal switching to allow the preamp to handle both high and low signals, users can easily change the operation mode from the “Standard” preamp function to “Bypass” mode, bypassing low-noise amplification functions when large signals are present.

The new UBBV 910 features a newly designed microwave chip that enables performance up to 10GHz with a 30dB proven sensitivity increase. While the frequency range or gain may be nothing particularly remarkable, this new addition features an extended internal battery capable of a run time of up to 24 hours, compared to the 3–4 hours offered by other models in the line.

Most noteworthy is the addition of the new UBBV DC20, an ultra-wideband preamp offering proven increases of up to 15dB from DC up to 20GHz with the upgraded microchip technology. An all-purpose preamplifier, this model offers a generous gain boost, high performance, and consistent reliability for any LNA application.

All Aaronia USA external preamps are compatible with any brand of spectrum analyzer, but are capable of mounting directly onto Aaronia RF and EMC Spectrum Analyzers for easy equipment integration. All Aaronia USA test equipment, including the full line of battery-powered low-noise preamplifiers, is backed by a limited 10-year manufacturer warranty and available for purchase exclusively from Aaronia USA and Aaronia USA Authorized Resellers.

The Bottom Line: All Aaronia USA low-noise amplifiers feature internal batteries (with typical runtime of 3–4 hours) and excel at “digging out” weak signals to guarantee accurate signal analysis even with outdated spectrum analyzers. The new preamplifier product additions address the limited frequency ranges and shorter battery lives of the previous models, with upgraded microchip technology and an expanded internal battery.

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