These Six Tech Trends Will Be Higher Ed’s New Normal

Which technology trends are poised to make the most impact in higher ed during the next five years? This year's Horizon Report throws the predictive darts, and pinpoints how long it will take for trends to take hold. The report focuses on six big advancements, including the following:


Flipped Classrooms (will become much more mainstream within the year)

• Bring Your Own Device (already here, but will become more mainstream/expected in one year)


Makerspaces (will take hold in two-three years)

Wearable Technology (will take hold in two-three years)


• Adaptive Learning Techniques (will take hold in four-five years)
• The Internet of Things (will take hold in four-five years)

This report is topical and pertinent for every shareholder in higher education. Read the full predictions and download the complete PDF here: Douaihy is the Editorial Director of AV Technology, EDUwire, & Tech Manager Today. Twitter: @AVTechnologyMag

Margot Douaihy, Ph.D.

Margot Douaihy, Ph.D., is a lecturer at Franklin Pierce University.