Top 5 Reasons to Enter SCN’s Top 50

The final days of entry for SCN’s Top 50 Systems Integrators list is upon us. It’s important to us at SCN that the list attracts entry from a broad range of systems integrators in the United States and Canada to serve up our best ability to provide this vital industry snapshot.

But why should you enter? Let me count the ways:

1. It’s free, and the form is short and sweet. Just have your revenue numbers handy from this year and last, and you’ll be set.

2. It’s not just the mega players. Perhaps contrary to popular opinion, your integration firm doesn’t need to compete with the biggest in the biz to have a chance at getting listed. While the firms at the apex of the Top 50 do have nine-figure bragging rights, the final 10 firms all fall under $25 million in commercial installation revenue. So if you’re a mid-sized or even smaller integration firm, and you’ve had a huge project completed this year, or otherwise record growth, you should most definitely consider yourself in contention.

3. Recognition. Not only by SCN, but major manufacturers in the industry use the Top 50 to secure new dealers. Additionally, the Top 50 serves as a great accolade to share with your customers, past, present, and future. Plus, being on the list warrants opportunities to share some of your best projects and otherwise be considered for upcoming articles. Even if you don’t make the list, SCN will know to keep a closer watch in your direction. So the recognition plays in your favor beyond the annual publication in December.

4. It’s a chance to pay it forward. The Top 50 serves multiple purposes, and one of my favorites is its role as an industry resource. There are no other statistics or rankings of integration firms anywhere in the AV industry. The data assembled in the list have widespread use by AV professionals. I recall recently being on the phone with an InfoComm rep, discussing firms in the APEx program in the context of their size regionally. I was caught off guard when the question was turned around as, “Well, I’d ask you that based on the Top 50.” The data and statistical significance of submitting to the Top 50 persist beyond being listed. If ever a public tool came to your aid in business, or you're a data buff, entering the Top 50 is one way you can give a bit of insight back.

5. You’ll have our heartfelt gratitude. Really! The Top 50 is a flagship offering of SCN’s that dates back more than a decade. We take a lot of pride in it, and we strive to make it as informational and valuable as possible to everyone in the great business of audiovisual.

If you’ve made it this far, what are you still waiting for?! Enter right now, right here.

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