Getting an Edge as an End User -

Getting an Edge as an End User

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InfoComm. In the AV world this is the week we all have been waiting for. Opening day was filled with busy booth tours, seminars, classes, and business meetings. With everything going on it is more important than ever to take some time at the end of the day to reflect on what you have seen and gathered. I am here to help by sharing a few of my experiences from day one of InfoComm 2016.

My most valuable interactions came from those discussions I had with various wireless collaboration and BYOD developers about the future of their product offerings. We had great in-depth discussions about what needs to happen from the end-user perspective to allow these technologies to integrate seamlessly into the business and education environments. Most notably, we discussed the ability to pull metrics from the centralized management platforms they currently offer.

So far this year I have seen some pretty neat innovations in audio, video, signage, and software. I can’t say much about the private tours at some of these booths, but I can definitely recommend trying to snag one for yourself. Very powerful solutions are coming and it’s becoming clear that the AV industry is finally bridging that gap to be more IT integrated.


Get the Lead Out

Context is important—it’s important to know what words mean and in what context they are being used. Having said that, there are systems or software applications that will talk to and control assets on a network via unique IP addresses for each device. I know this—I have seen this. What I am somewhat interested in is the missing link from large manufacturers in the AV industry.

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Designing a Practical Classroom Collaboration System

Let's be practical. There are a lot of great collaboration solutions out there, but many higher-ed institutions don't necessarily have the budget or immediate desire. For this, I will classify classroom collaboration into three categories: instructor centric, instructor centric with student interaction, and student centric.

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NAB 2015 | Ready…Get Set…Change

If I had to sum up my NAB 2015 impression in a single thought, I would have to say that the show was all about revolutionary change, and about a contrast of directions. As I was putting together my thoughts for this blog, I decided that I would approach it from a different perspective. This isn’t about the newest product, or the most innovative company.