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RCF M18 Tablet Mixer Now Apple iOS and Android Compatible

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Initially released earlier this year with only Apple iOS compatibility, the RCF M18 tablet mixer is now functional with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

Coupled with that, a new firmware version allows for updating the M18 with the MixRemote 2.0 app that provides enhanced functionality that includes several improvements and additional processing effects.

Enhancements include the expansion of amplifier modeling simulations, licensed from Overloud, an acoustic simulator, as well as four additional Stomp Box style effects.

Other additions include an audio metronome, DCA and Mute Groups, backup and restore functions via USB, additional mute controls and expanded MIDI implementation.

The stereo file player will be expanded to allow four-channel playback, representing one of the few compact mixing solutions with multichannel playback on the market.

Explaining the rationale behind the player upgrade, Umberto Zanghieri, Director of RCF Digital Audio Division, stated, “I wanted the musicians to have the backing track in stereo along with a click track which they can route on their headphones.”

Summing up, Umberto Zanghieri states, “These models now have one of the most comprehensive feature sets in their class.

“It’s the only series on the market of compact digital mixers that has dual amp modeling, licensed from Overloud and Markbass, 4-track file playback from USB drives, internal WiFi Access Point and various audio effects”.

The expansion comes with a price – a new lower price. MSRP has been reduced from $999 to $899.

For further information:http://mixer.rcf.it/m-18-digital-mixer.html


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