Linkplay and Merus Audio Present High Efficiency Amplifier WiFi Platform -

Linkplay and Merus Audio Present High Efficiency Amplifier WiFi Platform

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Herlev, Denmark, Aug. 30, 2017 – Merus Audio (, a global supplier of single-chip audio amplifier IC solutions offering unsurpassed energy efficiencyand best-in-class audio performance, is proud to announce a joint reference design with Silicon Valley, Calif.-based Linkplay Technology, Inc. ( for a turnkey solution for various battery powered wireless speakers, sound-bars, and audio receivers.

“Linkplay’s A31 or A28 combined with Merus Audio’s patented eximo® multi-level switching amplifiers is a great fit for any battery powered WiFi speaker,” explained Martin Bruun Helms, Merus Audio Director, Global Sales. “Linkplay connectivity features combined with Merus Audio’s efficient audio reproduction will enable longer playback time for any battery powered speaker. Presenting this turnkey solution will make it easy for any brand to get fast to market with a battery powered WiFi speaker.”

Linkplay makes it possible for speakers to be wireless and hands-free with consumers simply by asking Alexa to play their favorite music, turn on the lights in the living room, provide news, traffic and weather reports, set alarms, order food, and more. Linkplay’s turnkey WiFi audio solution provides access to millions of songs through services such as Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, TIDAL, and Napster and operates with AirPlay, DLNA, Spotify Connect, and QQPlay protocols, making it seamless for companies to bring music to their devices. Specializing in interruption-free music streaming from any iOS or Android device to speakers over a WiFi network, Linkplay’s solution eliminates the need to connect a phone to the speakers, allowing users to stream music without interference from calls or texts.

“Merus Audio’s cutting-edge efficiency power amplification enabled by their eximo® multi-level technology is the perfect supplement for Linkplay in the audio reproduction chain,” explained Mark Zadeh, Linkplay Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “Our award-winning turnkey audio WiFi solution when coupled with Merus Audio’s eximo® technology, acclaimed for its extreme efficiency, allows for HiFi wireless audio performance and astonishing playback time for any battery powered system.”

Helms concluded, “Merus Audio has received several requests for an easy plug-and-play streaming solution for battery powered speakers. By combining Linkplay’s connectivity with Merus Audio’s efficient amplifiers we are now offering compatibility with a proven industry leader.”

Merus Audios eximo® technology has very low “near idle” power losses which enables much longer battery lifetime – this is especially a great benefit for audio signals with lower crest factors such as speech or talk reproduction. Combined with a Linkplay connectivity solutions the two companies now push the boundary of compactness, audio quality, and battery playback time, of any portable speaker.

eximo® is a Merus Audio trademark.

About Linkplay Technology

Linkplay Technology, headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, was founded by a global team of hardware and software engineers, business executives, and wireless audio experts. Linkplay’s patent-pending technology is a turn-key WiFi audio platform with global streaming music content integration, app and cloud development for speaker brands and ODMs. Technology partners include original design manufacturers (ODMs), component suppliers and key technology investors. For more information about Linkplay, visit or email

About Merus Audio

Our range of integrated audio amplifier solutions help customers maximize power efficiency, output power, audio performance, and design freedom. By challenging conventional wisdom, we are creating cooler, smaller, lighter, and better sounding amplifier ICs – for the benefit of all who love audio.

Merus Audio
Martin Bruun Helms
Director, Global Sales
Tel: +45 27528118

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