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Stealth Announces StingRay SR430 and StingRay-6

The What: Stealth has announced the StingRay SR430 Environmental Subwoofer and StingRay-6 Environmental Speaker.

The What Else: StingRay SR430 subwoofer has eight 8-inch high power cone woofers firing actively into four independent 512 square inch area impenetrable panel faces on the sides of the environmentally protected pedestal style box. This device uses four Stealth B30 subwoofer panels, as well as firing passively into a 5th sealed diaphragm on the bottom of the speaker to capture rear energy from the eight drivers. In total this equates to over 2500 square inches of radiating surface for deep bass addition to any of Stealth’s StingRay full-range outdoor speakers.

StingRay-6 is the latest iteration of Stealth’s fully waterproof speaker line and fits a niche for a great sounding, extremely durable outdoor speaker in a smaller format. SR6 sports the same impressive IP-68 environmental resistance as the SR8 and at only 15 inches wide and less than four inches in depth, StingRay-6 provides good bass output along with our widely appreciated high frequency sound and typical broad coverage pattern.

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