Viking Electronics Launches FXI-1A Smart Paging Interface -

Viking Electronics Launches FXI-1A Smart Paging Interface

Enables Connectivity of Analog, VoIP Phone Systems to Traditional Paging Amplifiers
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 The What: Viking Electronics has introduced the FXI-1A smart paging interface, which enables connectivity of today’s analog and VoIP phone systems to traditional paging amplifiers.

The What Else: The FXI-1A interfaces phone systems to paging systems in a variety of ways. Connections include FXS station ports, FXO trunk ports, and VOX paging ports. In addition to voice paging, the FXI-1A supports background music, loud ringing, and can enable a pre-page alert tone.

“The FXI-1A provides programmable features to better interface with the wide range of telecom and IP phone system variables,” said Paul Speltz, senior engineer, Viking Electronics.

Background music, white noise, sound masking or any other external audio source can be routed through the FXI-1A using the relay contacts. All paging and background audio is delivered from the FXI-1A to the paging amplifier via the 600-ohm audio output. During an incoming page, the on-board relay will cut the background audio and trigger amplifiers for increased page intelligibility.

The Bottom Line: Intelligent features on the FXI-1A enhance interoperability with existing paging systems. Automatic disconnect on CPC and busy signal along with programmable silence and page length timers prevent tying up paging amplifiers.