Recharging at the InfoComm Park

Just beyond the foggy canopy of the lighting pavilion, weary attendees gather to recharge both literally and figuratively in The Park. Flanked on one side by waist-high Jenga blocks and simulated golf on the other, the Park provides a bit of respite to famished show-goers. Soft lighting and live music diffuse gently through fog wending its way through the cover of live trees. In the rear, food trucks line up to offer fare not easily found elsewhere in the convention center: cheesesteaks, tacos, Creole butter chicken, pretzels and more.

Those interested in the Mexican or Cajun-style cuisine are advised to pull up early, as the lines can stretch far beyond the confines of the Park. In the words of David Labuskes, CTS, CAE, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International, the Park is “an opportunity to pause and digest and absorb the impact of what you’re being exposed to.” So when the LEDs start to seem a bit too bright, and the audio demos a bit too loud, take a trip to the park, grab a bite to eat, and kick back playing giant-sized Connect Four.