AdMobilize to Bring AI Audience and Crowd Analytics Solutions to ISE

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 AdMobilize will bring its Audience and Crowd Analytics technology to ISE 2018 at Booth 8-R330 in the RAI Centre.

According to AdMobilize co-founder and CEO Rodolfo Saccoman, the ISE debut will mark the start of the company’s next phase of market expansion and is timed to leverage the power and reach of its international partnerships with commercial AV and DOOH advertising market leaders that include Signagelive (U.K.), avt (Australia), Ayuda Media Systems (Canada), PersonifAI (Lithuania), Invian (Peru), MediaEdge (Japan), UBI Communications (Canada), Grupo EDM (Mexico), SmartLink Systems (USA), and NanoLumens (USA).

“Integrators throughout the U.K., Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are about to experience what forward-looking companies in North America are swiftly embracing,” Saccoman said. “The era of robust, reliable, easy-to-install and maintain audience and crowd analytics is at hand and this era promises to make channel-specific visualization solutions much more effective customer engagement solutions.”

The AdMobilize Crowd Analytics solution is designed to empower customers to quantify any space anywhere by utilizing customized audience measurement, report aggregation and audience triggers in environments like retail, shopping malls, airports, other transportation centers, arenas, as well as in outdoor public spaces. The solution is compatible with all major IP/security camera systems and enables clients to leverage the company’s computer vision technology to analyze any space to count people using a variety of disciplines. The solution’s dashboard metrics include Person Count, Real-Time Area Volume, Zone Counting (In/Out), Session Time, and Heat Mapping. Data can be viewed either in real time or in aggregate.

Customers also have the option of working with two versions of the solution. AdMobilize Crowd Edge is a hardware kit combined with a camera that runs all of the included software on the processing unit, providing real-time data capture capability within a small form factor device. The AdMobilize Crowd Cloud option enables customers to simply connect Crowd Analytics to any IP camera to acquire the same metric information. Areas and zones can be set up from the dashboard using the camera’s video stream.

The AdMobilize Audience Analytics solution can track real-time ad performance and customer engagement; segment campaigns and content by hour and site; target content by both audience demographic and emotion; and optimize store traffic flow; and more. All captured analytics are fed to a cloud-based dashboard (in less than 15 milliseconds) or API that allows end users to assess results and performance, identify trends, and make any necessary adjustments to the displayed content.

A growing number of partnerships with third-party companies is fueling the adoption of AdMobilize solutions in North America, and increasingly, around the world. Last year, AdMobilize entered into a dozen partnerships with a broad range of companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Australia, and beyond. AdMobilize now has relationships in place with more than 100 companies that span virtually every major vertical market.

“AdMobilize continues to bridge the gap between the digital revolution and disruptive computer vision analytics, ultimately infusing machine learning into formerly unintelligent displays,” Saccoman explained. “Our turnkey technology allows integrators to activate their digital signage solutions and physical-world installations into sophisticated audience tracking devices and environments enabled with interactivity and dynamic triggering. Our growing portfolio of partners reflects the new reality that every vertical market can benefit from computer-vision enabled digital signage displays. We look forward to demonstrating the remarkable capabilities of our solutions to ISE show attendees.”


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