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Hitachi Rolls Out New Projectors

Representatives from Hitachi America’s Digital Media Division were in New York City last week to provide an up-close look at some of the company’s newest projectors. A few of these may seem familiar—if you were at the InfoComm Expo in June, you may have seen the prototypes—but it’s worth taking another look, as they

Vaddio Adds AV to PC Videoconferencing

by Kirsten Nelson New Hope, MN—Last week, Vaddio introduced its EasyUSB series of professional AV-quality computer peripherals, which are aimed squarely at allowing AV integrators to capitalize on the soft-codec trend—enabling them to build enterprise-quality videoconferencing, lecture capture, and webcasting sys

dnp Expands Reach In US

by Derek Dellinger dnp denmark has helped to push the potential of front projection technology with their Supernova line of screens, but with the opening of a US distribution center in San Diego, the company is hoping to push aside the perception that its technology is costly outside their home market.

Managing Quality– Through Standards

At the Cisco dealer meeting on Monday before the show floor opening at InfoComm, Paul Depperschmidt, Global Business Development Manager, AV Integration Market, announced a major change to the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) System.  “The CDN system will be used to manage the AV Integrator list, and will give the best v

Westbury National Poised For Growth

In recent years, many audio and video manufacturers in the consumer, recording, MI, or just about any space began to show more than a little interest in the market that seemed like it just wouldn't quit: commercial installation. Today it looks like they made the right guess. As for the AV integrators themselves, compa

Insourcing: a surprising success story

The sleepy Norwegian town of Fredrikstad seems an unlikely place to track down one of the world's most innovative video projector manufacturers. But since 2001, projectiondesign has been designing and building an increasingly versatile range of projectors here, steadily expanding its facility and, in the process, carving out a unique market niche.

Barco Unveils Digital Cinema Breakthroughs

The 2nd Annual Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium kicked off Monday at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. Barco, teaming with museum cinema integration company D3D Cinema, is the event’s host, and Barco–as much of the electronics industry played with gadgets at CES in Vegas– unveiled some impressive large-screen m

My Love-Hate Relationship with Digital Signage

By Jimi Gonzalez The Digital Signage Expo was in Las Vegas last week and I decided to go. Prior to my arrival, I should explain that there was a bit of an internal struggle that led to registration procrastination followed by a poor attempt at gaining press credentials that ended with a very nice rep sneaking me i