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What's Cooking At Listen Technologies

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There was a family atmosphere in the kitchen and dining areas of Listen Technologies' headquarters here in Salt Lake City on June 7. The company was hosting an open house event to celebrate the expansion of its facilities, and the extra room was appreciated. The crowds of guests spilled into hallways, a new conference room, and the new courtyard seating area where at least one clever guest used a barbecue to turn shrimp cocktail into a grilled shrimp appetizer.

The cooking talents of Listen employees are continually put the test in the company's headquarters, where a full kitchen has inspired staff members to cook meals as a group. But it was more than a culinary affair at the Listen open house. Tours of the newly expanded warehouse occurred continuously, and visitors got a peek at the new technical center for product support and quality assurance, as well as new fulfillment operations facilities.

"When Listen originally moved into this location it was with the hopes of continuing growth to support an expansion of this kind," noted Listen president Russell Gentner in a press release issued before the event. "Listen's success could not have been possible without the support of our families, friends, customers, and valued partners. The open house is a great way for us to say thank you and enjoy some time together."

Press release on the event: http://listentech.com/resources/news_build.php?nid=108


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