Updating Enterprise Meetings with Laser Phosphor Displays

Updating Enterprise Meetings with Laser Phosphor Displays

PowerPoint presentations used to be cutting-edge and exciting. So were VCRs, Walkman tape players and brick-sized mobile phones—back in the day.

But today’s sales teams need better. Their audiences are increasingly bored, sitting passively through slide deck after slide deck, and then forgetting whatever they heard as soon as they leave the briefing room.

What can salespeople do to update their presentations, close more deals and score more wins?

The key is to use immersive presentation tools, like the Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, recently introduced by Prysm, a leader in display and visual collaboration solutions. These seamless, super-sized interactive video displays offer sales teams new ways to deliver standard content, be more authentic and draw audiences in. More specifically, sales teams that use this innovative technology can:

  • Easily incorporate several types of content, from multiple sources, even in real time
  • Amplify a point by moving, re-sizing and annotating content on a single digital canvas (which isn’t possible in PowerPoint)
  • Invite audience members to come up, touch the screen and interact freely with the video windows and their contents
  • Deliver customized experiences that truly impress, particularly when used on a video wall

By manipulating simultaneous video windows on a panoramic, ultra high-resolution display, presenters can create an immersive experience that draws audiences right into the action on the interactive touch screen. There are no distracting bezels to break up the 6K by 2K video image, and the LPD 6K Series’ intelligent light engines deliver consistent and sharp images, with over one billion discrete colors and truly deep blacks up to a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

Prysm Collaboration Solutions Presentation

This 2:21 video shows the LPD 6K Series working with Prysm Collaboration Solutions to engage and excite viewers.

“LPD 6K Series displays will capture your audience’s attention and hold it throughout the presentation,” Hannah Grap, Prysm’s VP of Marketing, said. “Coupled with creative interactive scripts and visuals, the LPD 6K Series will put the wow factor back into your presentations.”

Close More B2B Sales

And getting more prospects to your office and engaged 1:1 can help you close more deals. In fact, The Washington Post reported that more than eight in ten executives prefer in-person meetings.

“Providing an immersive, interactive sales experience is an effective way to engage your prospect and impress them, and when your audience is having fun watching and interacting with what is being presented, you can’t help but get your message across,” Grap explained. “An LPD 6K Series display married to a great content experience will help close more deals – and more than repay the investment in this technology.”

Increase B2B Close Rates: Five Ways Immersive Presentations Help You Win

This short Prysm ebook highlights how immersive presentations can help close sales.

Improve Internal Collaboration

Prysm’s LPD 6K Series displays also help sales teams collaborate more effectively, by providing flexible visual tools that make it easy to share content and ideas, across the office or across the world. This blending of workspaces nurtures a culture of teamwork that can accelerate the pace of innovation and improve productivity.

“Enhanced collaboration means better results sooner for your company,” Grap said.

Prysm Drives Results

Companies as diverse as Standard Process, Schlesinger Associates and Under Armour are using Prysm’s LPD displays and Prysm Collaboration Solutions to engage audiences and close more sales.

As Kevin McDermond, program director for Under Armour’s brand creative team, explained, immersive presentation technology allows the company to tell a powerful visual story by bringing digital content to life. “We consider ourselves to be great story tellers,” McDermond concluded. “The Prysm wall is an incredible tool to help us deliver our message with passion and pride.”

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