Welcome to the Family: elektraLite Mini Family Expands with 60-watt LED Fixtures

The Stingray Mini DMX 60W shown flashing a red light.
(Image credit: elektraLite)

elektraLite (opens in new tab) is expanding its cost-effective Mini family with the addition of the new 60-watt, DMX-controllable Stingray Mini and Fresnel Mini, which now join the manufacturer’s existing 20-watt Stingray Mini.

“Our original Stingray Mini COB LED profile spot fixture proved to be such a popular choice among lighting designers that we decided to also make the product available in a 60-watt version, as well as simultaneously add a companion Fresnel wash fixture, both of which deliver professional-grade features and performance,” said Brandon Tsaptsinos, national sales manager for elektraLite. “These new fixtures are unique in the field due to their size, power, and ability to be controlled by DMX, and a number of LDs have already quickly come to depend on them to light high-profile museums, houses of worship, and TV studios around the country.”

Like its 20-watt predecessor, the 60-watt Stingray Mini DMX 60W is available in Warm White (WW, 3200K), Cool White (CW, “daylight” 5600K), and Variable White (VW, 3000K-6000K) versions, with the addition of a fourth RGBW model for versatile color mixing applications. With its sophisticated zoom lensing system providing a packed punch of light in beam spreads from 20 to 40 degrees, plus four independent shutter blades giving perfect in-focus cuts to the beam, the Stingray Mini is ideal for any show, event, or display in a museum or gallery.

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The Stingray Mini DMX 60W shown flashing light.

(Image credit: elektraLite)

This powerful, well‐rounded LED fixture has a rugged all-metal design, and its onboard interface and programming makes it easy for anyone to bring clean, rich white light or vibrant color to a wide variety of public spaces. The fixture’s front barrel and zoom assembly rotates 360 degrees allowing for the shutters to be in any position, and the barrel can easily be removed for shutter and lens cleaning. Control of the Stingray Mini 60W is via DMX, and the fixture can be set to run manually or even automatically.

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The new Fresnel Mini DMX 60W LED wash fixture also brings vibrant color mixing (RGBW) and versatile white light (WW, CW, VW) to elektraLite’s compact yet powerful Mini line. Similarly utilizing a 60-watt COB LED, this fixture can nicely bring the right splash of color or a specific white temperature to any stage, studio, or installation.

The Fresnel Mini’s zoom lensing system supplies an intense concentration of light in beam spreads ranging from 35 to 50 degrees with the twist of a knob, and with the supplied barn doors, perfect cuts can be easily and precisely achieved. This powerful, well‐rounded LED lighting fixture also has a rugged all-metal design and its onboard display and intuitive programming makes it easy for anyone to bring bold colors or crisp whitewashes to a wide variety of settings.

The Stingray Mini DMX 60W shown flashing light.

(Image credit: elektraLite)

At the heart of the Stingray Mini DMX 20W is a 20-watt COB LED. Available in WW, CW, and VW versions, this compact ellipsoidal provides the same clean, rich, beautiful white light audiences have grown accustomed to, making the Stingray Mini profile spot fixture ideal for countless applications and productions. The built-in accessory clip and included color frame allow for diffusion and color media, as well as gobos, to be used.

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The Stingray Mini’s sophisticated, proprietary diffraction lensing system provides a variety of beam spreads. The fixture comes with a 19-degree lens installed, while interchangeable lens tubes offer the user a choice of optional 26, 36 and 50-degree beam spreads with no chromatic aberration, and four independent shutter blades give perfect in-focus beam cuts. Silent in operation, the Stingray Mini delivers 0-100% dimming via DMX control and an incomparable level of intensity for its range.

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