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Sony’s Edge Analytics AI Video Solution is Now Available

The What: Sony’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Edge Analytics solution, the REA-C1000, is now shipping. The new technology allows users to create video content in real time, without the need for specialized training, additional staff or equipment.

The What Else: The compact and lightweight REA-C1000 uses its advanced AI-based video analytics technology to analyze the input it receives from connected cameras and automatically extracts the object in focus to combine it with other images in real time. This unique technology using motion/face detection and color/shape recognition, effectively makes the REA-C1000 the powerful brain of any connected camera and AV setup, allowing education, government and corporate organizations to cost-effectively create professional, engaging content.

The Bottom Line: The REA-C1000 comes with a number of optional features, including handwriting extraction and presenter overlay, which allows audiences to clearly see written content and diagrams, as well as the presenter’s gestures and expressions; PTZ auto tracking accurately and smoothly tracks a presenter, keeping them in frame and focus; close-up by gesture, which detects and reacts to the gestures of audience members in real time; Chroma Keyless CG overlay extracts the presenter and overlays them onto any background without a dedicated green screen (planned to be available in Fall 2019); and focus area cropping offers an overview image in 4K and a cropped image in HD (planned to be available in Fall 2019).

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