Snap One Looks to Help Smaller Integration Partners Tackle Large Projects

Snap One
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Commercial systems integration is a challenging process, and the consistent introduction of new technology innovations, evolving protocols, and standards make it necessary for professionals to receive frequent training and education from manufacturers. Not all integration firms have such an expert on staff, which is why Snap One is expanding its Systems Design Team to provide commercial integration partners with free consultations and assistance to design and even configure commercial systems.

According to Scott Normand, Snap One commercial market senior director, the Systems Design Team allows commercial market partners to bid on large or complex AV integration jobs they would otherwise be unable to complete.

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“One of the challenges our industry faces is the lack of college programs for AV design and installation, and staff members can come from a diverse range of backgrounds including IT, electrical, security, and other industries,” Normand explained. “If an integrator wants to bid on a commercial AV project but doesn’t have a staff engineer or system designer, our Systems Design Team acts as an additional resource that enables them to expand their business into new applications.

The Systems Design Team provides a range of services to Snap One partners, beginning with advanced product selection assistance that considers the full scope of the project’s needs as well as integrating new systems with any existing on-site components. This can include recommending substitute components if an item is out of stock or retired. The team stays involved as much as needed throughout the design process, whether an integrator needs help generating a bill of materials, completing a site drawing or identifying unknowns.

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“Any integrator that wants to scale up their capabilities and revenues can test the waters using our Systems Design Team, and then after successful installation, decide whether to train or hire staff to focus specifically on systems design,” Normand said. “This highly responsive service is the third phase of Snap One’s efforts to help partners grow and add capabilities, following our innovations in online purchasing, the Snap University program and the in-person training and education sessions held at Snap One Local Pro Stores.”

The Systems Design Team officially launched in 2021, and is now adding more engineers to support more partners in their expansion efforts. Already, the team has helped finalize designs for hundreds of projects, and even conducted a handful of physical site visits to troubleshoot and ensure proper integration.

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“We are deeply committed to providing the best integrator support in the industry, and offering commercial firms a no-cost bridge to new opportunities is precisely the kind of initiative that instills trust and encourages long-term partnerships,” Normand added. “This provides a massive cost savings for the integrator, not only during the design, but also over the long-term, since properly integrated solutions inevitably require fewer service calls. We also want to ensure this process is as simple as possible, so we made sure there are no unnecessary forms or barriers to start the process. Partners can simply contact their account manager to explain their needs, and they are put in contact with the Systems Design Team.”

Combined with Snap One’s vast product catalog including third-party solutions, the Systems Design Team is making it easier than ever for partners to say “yes” to more projects.

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