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RTI Ships Line of AV Distribution ‘Problem Solvers’

RTI has begun shipping a new line of audio distribution solutions consisting of digital audio converters (DACs), a delay module, and an extender kit.
(Image credit: RTI)

The What: RTI has announced that its new line of audio distribution solutions is now shipping. Consisting of digital audio converters (DACs), a delay module, and an extender kit, the products are purpose-built to resolve common audio challenges.

The What Else: New RTI DACs include the ADA-1 Dolby Digital-to-Analog Downmixer and the VDM1x HDMI Downscaler With Downmixer. The ADA-1 decodes audio signals from sources with S/PDIF coaxial or TOSLINK optical outputs—such as Blu-ray players and media streamers—and converts them to standard stereo output for analog sound systems. The VDM-1x is well suited for multi-zone installations featuring a mix of both HD and 4K sources and displays. In addition to downscaling or upscaling video signals for compatibility with displays of different resolutions, the unit down-mixes incoming Dolby Digital to stereo PCM audio.

To address lip-sync issues and the challenges of long-distance signal distribution, RTI offers the ADM-1 Audio Delay Module and AXP-1 Digital Audio Extender Kit, respectively. To compensate for delays caused by differences in the audio processing speed of output devices, the ADM-1 allows integrators to delay audio from 20ms to 340ms using a 16-way selector dial. The AXP-1 seamlessly transmits audio over distances surpassing 650 feet using a standard Cat-5e/6 cable. The unit supports coaxial and S/PDIF digital audio signals, stereo and multi-channel digital audio, two-channel PCM sources, and 5.1 compressed audio. 

The Bottom Line: These new audio distribution solutions are designed to provide a simple solution for overcoming issues surrounding legacy gear, mismatched video resolutions, and distributed audio challenges. The ADA-1, ADM-1, AXP-1, and VDM-1x are all shipping. 


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