RGB Spectrum Enhanced Advanced Data Visualization for Public Safety—Here's How

RGB Spectrum
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RGB Spectrum has announced enhancements to its data visualization platform to maximize situational awareness for public safety organizations. The company’s core video processing technology allows public safety personnel to collect data from multiple sources, view that data on a single or dual-screen monitor setup and share that intelligence, throughout a facility or to a tactical workforce.

“For the past 30 years, we have been a trusted leader in the data visualization market. Today, we continue to invest in innovative technologies that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to solving public safety’s most complex problems,” said Bob Marcus, president, RGB Spectrum. “The expertise and recognition we have built in this segment help us deliver the solutions that bring a wide range of benefits to these mission-critical environments.” 

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Rapid response and effective communication can make a significant difference when lives are at stake. In complex and fast-moving environments, such as emergency communications and operations centers, how information is presented is critical. RGB Spectrum’s unified platform provides effective video walls, integrated desk displays, AV-over-IP and KVM solutions, and a new mobile app to address the mobile workforce. It’s all about enabling better decisions, faster.

RGB Spectrum Focuses on Advanced Data Visualization for Public Safety.

(Image credit: RGB Spectrum)
  • RGB Spectrum’s multiwindow, single-screen KVM appliance—the QuadView UHDx KVM—offers the ability to control independent video sources using a single keyboard and mouse. The QuadView allows users to seamlessly interact with four computer screens in scalable windows on a single 4K 60Hz monitor. Each operator who uses that desk can save unique presets to re-arrange the location of windows, resize them, or select a different resource from a total of six available inputs.
  • Our XtendPoint KVM system offers up to eight video sources, replacing an array of multiple monitors with just two large multiwindow high resolution displays. XtendPoint is based on an IP distribution architecture that can access signals over a LAN or a WAN using XtendPoint encoders and decoders. It is a truly versatile system. Visual data can be routed to multiple locations simultaneously, allowing real-time sharing with supervisors and colleagues. Benefits include ongoing training, interactive supervision, and real-time decision support.
  • Bringing technology on the go is possible with RGB Spectrum’s Zio Video-over-IP Mobile App. Deployed on a smartphone or other mobile device, Zio allows video sources to be “pushed” by the 911 dispatcher to remote force members, individually or in groups, or “pulled” from the center by a remote team member. Any data the operator can access—photos, videos, building schematics, and more—can be shared to provide a common operating picture in real time.

Public Safety organizations around the country are experiencing how RGB Spectrum’s technologies help improve decision making through greater awareness around incidents. 

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