Power of the Dark Side: LG OLED Brings Darth Vader to Life in Heart of NYC

How LG OLED brings Darth Vader to life in Times Square.
(Image credit: LG Display LinkedIn)

While you may not understand the power of the dark side, Lucasfilm and ILM, along with LG harnessed Darth Vader in all his glory for fans walking Times Square. With LG OLED technology, lovers of Star Wars—and innocent tourists—can see the iconic baddie come to life in detail only available through OLED. 

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Darth Vader is known to move in very rigid, specific ways. The flip of his cape and wielding of his light saber are as legendary as the character himself. LG brought in Olga Sokolova, the motion coach from the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi, to make sure the motion actor captured the regal movement of the Sith Lord.

The gigantic 3D image of Vader arrives atop Times Square as large doors open, reveal to villain of all villains in his smoke-filled chamber. As he looks down upon the New York City tourists, out comes the light saber and shortly after, the Darth Vader pace, cape blowing and all.

What helped bring it all to life was not only LG OLED ability to capture bright and vivid colors, but that it captures the subtle shades of black perfectly that make up Darth Vader's outfit and chambers. OLED technology uses individual pixels, rendering Luke Skywalker's nemesis accurately in a perfect black performance while detailing the rising smoke and sparks from the light saber. 

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You can watch Lord Vader come to life in LG Display's video below:


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