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Platinum Tools Launches New Colored Hybrid HPH J-Hooks

The What: Platinum Tools has launched a new, high-performance hybrid  J-Hook line. Available in four colors and four sizes in standard and batwing configurations, the new HPH J-Hooks are available in boxes of 25.

Platinum Tools Colored Hybrid HPH J-Hooks

(Image credit: Platinum Tools)

The What Else: With an industry leading bend radius of more than 3.5 inches, Platinum Tools’ HPH J-Hooks meet and exceed TIA’s bend radius standards. This prevents deformation to the cables such as indentations, pinches, or creases, making it easy for these J-Hooks to support high-performance cables, such as Cat6A or Cat7, and fiber optics, while maintaining the high standards necessary to prevent cable interference.

“Our new HPH J-Hooks have been designed to support today’s modern, high-performance network cable installations, such as data centers, commercial structures, manufacturing facilities, and residential applications,” said John Phillips, product manager, Platinum Tools. “Our high performance HPH J-Hooks are built with steel J-Hooks over-molded with Plenum-rated polypropylene for an easy cable slide. The ‘Snap-Lock’ retainer is easy-to-use and reuse, firmly securing cables every time and eliminating the use of cable and velcro ties.”

The Bottom Line: Now available in red, blue, and black variations (in addition to the original white), the High Performance Hybrid J-Hooks feature a smooth, radiused 2-inch wide base with no pressure points, and are UL listed, Plenum-rated, RoHS and TIA compliant. The colors allow easy identification of cable runs for different purposes, such as separating security, fire, and data systems.