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Biamp AV Solutions Support Hybrid Learning

Biamp Devio SCR Series
(Image credit: Biamp)

The What: Biamp is supporting easy-to-deploy audio in K-12 environments with the Devio SCR Series of signal processors and Parlé Beamtracking microphones, which are designed for hybrid or remote learning. According to the company, the Devio SCR Series ensures every student, either at school or at home, can clearly hear and understand classroom instruction, regardless of the teacher's location in the room.

The What Else: Devio SCR includes Parlé tabletop or ceiling microphones, leveraging Biamp's patented beamtracking technology, which tracks and mixes voices intelligently anywhere in the classroom, even as the teacher moves around the space. 

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Setting up Devio SCR is designed to be simple: Select and connect the equipment to suit the space, then press the auto setup button. Devio SCR will then immediately verify device connections and perform a tuning cycle.

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Biamp's Parlé microphones with Beamtracking technology leverage an array of microphone elements to create virtual microphone beams, which track human voices in a space and follow the speaker when they change location within the room. Supporting the movement that naturally occurs in the classroom, the gain applied to each microphone beam is automatically adjusted, compensating as the teacher moves closer to or farther away from the mic. The microphone range includes the TCM-X flush-mount ceiling, TTM-X tabletop, and TCM-1 pendant microphones.

Devio SCR is fully supported by SageVue, Biamp's AV device monitoring and management platform. It allows technology managers full access to the status of their Biamp devices and includes important functions such as scheduling, firmware and system updates, and also features a RESTful API for integration with enterprise dashboarding systems.

The Bottom Line: For less than $2,000, this flexible system is designed for streamlined deployment and a high-quality audio experience for teachers and students, whether they're in the room or in a remote location.

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