Navori Labs Brings Message of Business Evolution to Digital Signage Experience

New Navori Labs hardware is shown to improve the end user experience.
(Image credit: Navori Labs)

Navori Labs will emphasize synergies between its growing software and hardware portfolios at the first Digital Signage Experience conference in Las Vegas next month. Navori will demonstrate how its QL digital signage software and Aquaji marketing analytics software work together seamlessly out of the box—and show how customers can enhance performance with a newly developed media player and camera amplified by computer vision technology.

As Navori Labs CEO Jerome Moeri explained, Digital Signage Experience is where the company sheds the image of a being strictly a digital signage CMS specialist. “Navori Labs has evolved, to put it simply,” he said. “We continue to innovate with software, and have many new features to share in our new QL 2.7.3 software release. But our core message for attendees is that we now offer a complete range of software and hardware solutions for digital signage and marketing analytics, and that Navori Labs is the only company that manufacturers both digital signage and computer vision analytics software.”

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Computer Vision Gains

Navori recently finalized direct integration capabilities between QL and Aquaji, which makes it easier for users to obtain metrics based on demographics, attention span and interest level. Live data integration ensures that content playlists adjust accordingly based on the currently detected audience, and users can now create specific rules that leverage real-time audience data for instant triggering of audience-relevant content. At its booth, Navori will share an ongoing demonstration of using real-time analytics produced by Aquaji to trigger personalized ads and content on QL digital signage players, including QL Player software and the QL StiX 3700 media player dongle—a configuration that remains unique to Navori in the digital signage industry.

In time for Digital Signage Experience, Navori has expanded the Aquaji universe with two new hardware components that strengthen the company’s value proposition as a complete solutions provider. The QL StiX 5700 becomes the second hardware device (along with the StiX 3700) Navori has released in the last 12 months. Where the StiX 3700 is a simple, yet feature-rich 4K media player dongle, the StiX 5700 is an edge device that supports all current Aquaji features (counting people, determining wait times for service, monitoring consumer engagement with content) at half the cost of a computer. The StiX 5700 comes loaded with AI components for video stream analysis, and will support all future Aquaji features upon release. 

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Navori will also introduce a new Aquaji USB camera that can be paired with StiX 5700 to offer a complete hardware solution for QL and Aquaji software deployments. The purpose-built computer vision camera includes a motion sensor, a manual focus ring and a 4mm lens that can detect individual up to nearly 20 feet (six meters) away. It can also detect human silhouettes up to nearly 50 feet (15 meters) away.

“Our customers can now very powerfully leverage real-time, computer vision analytics to automate their digital signage systems and content workflows, made even more powerful through our new Aquaji hardware solutions,” said Moeri. 

QL Software Updates

Navori Labs unveiled its QL 2.7 software in January, which introduced an expansive suite of new features. Top of list is a completely rewritten content management user interface to increase speed, security and responsiveness, as well as improved native media file support and real-time data feed filtering. Navori will emphasize the many new features and capabilities of QL 2.7 at Digital Signage Experience, along with new features found in the QL 2.7.3 software release that is brand new for the show.

Available for QL Essential and QL Professional deployments in all SaaS and on-premises versions, QL 2.7.3 adds 11 new features to QL Server and 12 to QL Player. The QL Server updates includes features to strengthen security, adding two-way trust management, user provisioning elements including authorization profiles, and custom domain URLs for login pages. 

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Navori has also extended support for concurrent scheduled playlists (up to 26), tag management in the CMS (up to 1000) and data feed zones in the QL Template Designer (more than 100) as part of QL Server’s latest enhancements. New QL Player enhancements include synchronization support for multiple streaming videos, support for more than 100 data feed zones on SoC devices, and HTML playback optimization for StiX media players. 

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