Introducing the New LD Systems DAVE G4X Series—What You Need to Know

Three speakers from the new DAVE Series from LD Systems.
(Image credit: LD Systems)

Meet the LD Systems new DAVE G4X Series. Exactly 10 years after the release of the DAVE G3, the DAVE G4X sets new LD Systems standards in the field of active 2.1 PA systems for DJs, live groups, solo entertainers, or parties. Available in four sizes and performance classes—from the particularly compact DAVE 10 G4X to the DAVE 18 G4X, which features a powerful 18-inch subwoofer—the DAVE G4X Series has a modern range of functions and a professional acoustic design in a variety of applications. (Note: The three bigger models of the series DAVE 12 G4X, 15 G4X and 18 G4X are available now. The DAVE 10 G4X model will be available from the beginning of 2023.)

With the DAVE G4X Series, LD Systems has extensively redeveloped its PA systems from the ground up. The models available are the DAVE 10 G4X (two double 4-inch satellites plus 10-inch subwoofer at 680W), the DAVE 12 G4X (two 6.5-inch satellites plus 12-inch subwoofer at 1,460W), the DAVE 15 G4X (two 8-inch satellites plus 15-inch subwoofer at 2,060 W), and the DAVE 18 G4X (two 8-inch satellites plus 18-inch subwoofer at 4,000 W).

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All of the DAVE G4X versions now feature an integrated six-channel mixer with all of the important input options for a wide variety of setups consisting of microphones, instruments, line-level signals, and auxiliary players—wired and wireless, thanks to integrated Bluetooth for easy streaming via a smartphone or tablet. The mixer’s first two channels are designed as channel strips, allowing for the optional connection of a microphone, a high-impedance instrument—guitar and/or bass, for example—and line level sources. Stereo line inputs 3 + 4 are suitable for keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, or small e-drum kits. Making the DAVE G4X Series even more versatile is the digital SPDIF stereo input, and the Bluetooth connectivity. This way, the setup can be expanded with a media player, computer or smartphone to play backing tracks, sound effects, intermission music, or to use the DAVE G4X as a karaoke system.

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These benefits are not only instruments and music, but also speech intelligibility when the PA is used for speech reinforcement. The acoustic concepts include new compression drivers and waveguides for homogeneous and directional dispersion, as well as FIR filters and state-of-the-art DSP technology for transparent, coloration-free sound. In addition, the subwoofer has been equipped with a larger voice coil and an optimized bass reflex system to reduce ventilation noise to a minimum.

The range extends from custom-fit bags to a roller board and the aforementioned T-stand. A pole mount stand and a wall mount for the satellites are also available especially for the DAVE 10 G4X sound system.

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