35 Best Audio Products to Ensure High-Quality Sound

35 Audio Products
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A round up of 35 of today's best audio products including: right-sized amplification, ceiling beamforming mics, cardioid condenser microphones, Dante audio interface, customizable conferencing audio solutions, small-footprint arrays, AES67 multi-format IP audio encoder, decoders, DSPs, and much more.

Strategically Hidden Speaker


(Image credit: AtlasIED)

AtlasIED’s Strategically Hidden Speaker (SHS) blends into the aesthetic of any ceiling while providing optimal sound performance. Ideally suited for sound masking, background music, and paging applications, the SHS comes in various form factors and mounting options to fit any environment seamlessly. 

Complete with three different lens options, integrators can configure SHS products to address the needs of different applications and ceiling heights. AtlasIED’s DesignLab color matches the color and texture of the SHS to the ceiling to ensure visual continuity in all ceilings.

ProCo Sound Wireless In-Ear Monitor System (W.I.E.M.S.)


(Image credit: ProCo)

ProCo Sound’s Wireless In-Ear Monitor System (W.I.E.M.S.) provides crystal-clear 24-bit/48KHz digital transmission with a latency of less than 5.6ms and uses the 5.8GHz frequency band to eliminate any potential interference. It provides up to 30 meters of range between transmitter and belt-pack receiver, and features a sleek and simple design with no external antennas and a seamless plug-and-pair setup. W.I.E.M.S. also has four user-selectable channels that can deploy up to four systems simultaneously, while the transmitter has an XLR female connector, allowing it to plug directly into the back of any mixer or snake return.

Iconyx Compact Series ICC12/3


(Image credit: Renkus-Heinz)

Renkus-Heinz’s Iconyx Compact Series ICC12/3 features all of the flexibility and performance capabilities of the Iconyx speaker in a smaller footprint array. Inside the ICC12/3, an all-new 12-channel digital amplifier powers 12 three-inch/77mm full-range, high-sensitivity, treated paper cone drivers. The narrow size of the ICC12/3 fits into venues where even the classic Iconyx will not. The extremely narrow cabinet will blend into any space, while the exceptional vertical directivity will allow the audio to cut through any venue. The ICC12/3 is available in standard black and white as well as custom color matching to meet any venue’s aesthetics. 

ADECIA Conferencing Solution 

Yamaha UC

(Image credit: Yamaha UC)

Yamaha UC’s ADECIA Conferencing Solution is an innovative family of communication products that provides a complete and customizable audio solution, delivering the most comfortable and effortless remote conferencing experience for any meeting or learning space. The easy-install solution comprises four Yamaha products: a choice of microphones—RM-CG ceiling array, RM-TT tabletop, or RM-W wireless—in addition to the RM-CR processor, Yamaha’s long-trusted PoE switches, and VXL Series line array speakers. The complete solution immediately detects all components of the system and optimizes their configuration for the room environment, accounting for the location of speakers and microphones, reverberation, and echo behavior. 

Stem Ecosystem


(Image credit: Shure)

Shure’s Stem Ecosystem ensures that better audio doesn’t have to be more complicated. Stem Ecosystem solutions include wall and table speakerphones, a ceiling microphone that blends into any room and pairs with Stem Speakers, a dedicated control device, a central hub, and dedicated software tools. With Stem’s RoomDesign software, users can determine the specific hardware needed to provide optimal audio coverage for any collaboration space ahead of purchase and implementation. RoomDesign gives users full advantage of the unique hardware recommendations and customization capabilities of the Stem Ecosystem so they can be fully confident in their purchase decision. 

Discovery Series

Hall Technologies

(Image credit: Hall Technologies)

Hall Technologies’ Discovery Series is an HDBaseT wall plate transmitter and receiver kit that pairs natively with soft-codec video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, WebEx, and more. With both US and UK transmitter wall plate options available, Discovery makes collaboration easy and fluid with support for resolutions up to 4K. In higher education applications, Discovery extenders are an ideal solution, supporting both remote and in-person learning. Likewise for conference rooms and huddle spaces, Discovery provides a simple way to communicate and share ideas, utilizing USB peripherals like cameras and speakerphones.

EasyIP Ceiling Speaker D


(Image credit: Vaddio)

Vaddio’s EasyIP Ceiling Speaker D features built-in Dante audio for simple integration with Vaddio EasyIP or Dante systems. The speaker is optimized so voices sound clear and natural. The two-way speaker is built with a specially designed, coaxially mounted cone tweeter and a high-performance four-inch metalized cone woofer with a neoprene driver surround for durability.

The amplified flush-mounting speaker can be installed in a ceiling or wall. A single RJ-45 connection is all that is needed for power and audio. The magnetically attached white metal grille gives a streamlined appearance while providing easy access to the swivel-out mounting tabs.

MAS-A100 Beamforming Ceiling Microphone


(Image credit: Sony)

Sony’s MAS-A100 Beamforming Ceiling Microphone is a hands-free lecture and presentation solution with advanced speech reinforcement technology, enabling truly hassle-free lectures and presentations. This microphone system has dedicated channels for speech reinforcement and recording, with comprehensive audio volume stabilization and clear audio processing to produce sharp recordings. The dedicated record channel provides a wider capture range and optimal intelligibility—perfect for lecture capture. Supporting Dante and PoE, the MAS-A100 links with third-party systems via a single cable connection. Auto-calibration streamlines system configuration, and settings can easily be adjusted via the network using free MASM-1 management software.

Q-SYS SPA-Q Series Network Amplifier


(Image credit: QSC)

QSC’s Q-SYS SPA-Q Series Network Amplifier continues the Q-SYS platform evolution of pairing centralized Core OS processing with expanding endpoint utility—delivering right-sized amplification as well as flexible Q-SYS system configuration and control to a wide variety of spaces, including meeting and conference rooms, smaller conference center spaces, VIP rooms, and more. With available GPIO for control, two flex channels (either mic/line inputs or line outputs), and 70Vrms/100Vrms bridge outputs—the Q-SYS SPAQ 100-2f (two channel) and Q-SYS SPAQ 200-4f (four channel) provide the utility to centralize your processor’s connectivity across more spaces, all within a trusted Q-SYS network amplifier.

WX-ST600 Transmitter and WM-KG645 Gooseneck Mic


(Image credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic Connect’s WX-ST600 Transmitter and WM-KG645 Gooseneck Microphone are, together, a holistic audio solution ideal for higher education and corporate environments. The 18-inch gooseneck microphone works with the DECT wireless desktop base and is optimized for speech with a cardioid condenser microphone, eliminating background noise for clear, “hear a pin drop” communication. The base has two modes of selectable operation–Always ON or Push-to-Talk–while the networked four-port charger enables IT departments to remotely monitor charging status of microphones over the local area network. The new wireless microphone and base will be available October 2022.

VE66DTH Dante Audio Interface with HDMI


(Image credit: ATEN)

ATEN’s VE66DTH Dante Audio Interface with HDMI features six inputs and six outputs, and delivers uncompressed, near-zero-latency digital audio signals across your standard Ethernet network. It can be powered through its built-in PoE by a compatible PSE device. The audio inputs support line input, dynamic, and condenser microphones simultaneously. And the device can provide 48V-Phantom power supply to condenser microphones. Moreover, the VE66DTH provides flexible audio capability with audio de-embedding and embedding of the HDMI stereo audio signals. It is tailor-made for environments of all sizes, such as conference centers, concert halls, entertainment facilities, et cetera.

Parlé Conferencing Bars


(Image credit: Biamp)

Biamp’s Parlé Conferencing Bars for small- to medium-sized rooms combine Biamp’s beamtracking microphones, smart loudspeakers, advanced signal processing, an optional 4K camera with auto-framing, and Biamp Launch—the company’s automated deployment and tuning technology—in one plug-and-play speaker bar that delivers a premium conferencing experience. The ABC 2500 audio bar includes a 27-element microphone array with beamtracking technology to actively track and intelligently mix conversations around the room and two smart speakers that actively adjust speaker performance. The VBC 2500 video bar adds a 4K ePTZ camera that automatically identifies, focuses on, and frames active meeting participants.

IP-A1SC15 IP Paging Horn Speaker 

TOA Electronics

(Image credit: TOA Electronics)

TOA Electronics’ IP-A1SC15 IP Paging Horn Speaker connects to your VMS network with a single LAN cable and can be assigned an IP address, allowing you to combine video and audio systems. Customize each IP horn speaker to its optimal sound by adjusting settings dependent upon height, distance, and speaker environment. Respond immediately to emergency situations with live announcements or prerecorded messages with one of four different audio broadcasting modes (SIP Direct Call, Multicast Streaming, VMS Broadcast, and Remote API)—prioritizing broadcasts to override any other current announcement.


DAS Audio

(Image credit: DAS Audio)

DAS Audio’s VANTEC-12A can be used as a main system with the dual-angle pole mount and multiple rigging points, or as stage monitors with the multi-angle enclosure. It features an ultra-lightweight Class-D amplifier with 1500W of power and FIR filters in the signal processing for a clean, powerful sound. This system also includes a 24-bit DSP that provides user-configurable voicing, filters and EQ, and gain control achieved by way of the DAScontrol interface on the rear of the cabinet or through the wireless capabilities using the DASLink app, which also allows simultaneous music streaming and control via any mobile device.

EXPAND 40 Wireless Speakerphone

EPOS Audio

(Image credit: EPOS Audio)

EPOS Audio’s EXPAND 40 Wireless Speakerphone is a sleek and portable Bluetooth speakerphone with exceptional audio performance. Join meetings instantly and experience crystal-clear audio on both ends of the call. Three beamforming microphones isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise. It is easy to set up and use with multiple connection options (Bluetooth or USB-C) for plug-and-play conferencing anywhere; has a long battery life, with up to 18 hours of talk time; and supports both personal use and small- to medium-sized meeting rooms. Stay up to date with the latest firmware and optimize device performance with EPOS Software Solutions. Meet the upgraded choice for great audio on the go.

HDL200 and HDL300


(Image credit: Nureva)

Nureva’s innovative audio systems for meeting rooms and classrooms include the HDL200 for small spaces, the HDL300 for mid-size spaces, the Dual HDL300 for large spaces, and the latest addition—Nureva XT, an integrated audio and video solution for classrooms. Patented Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of audio pickup points—called virtual microphones—to achieve true full-room coverage without needing an expensive, complex setup. The listening experience feels natural for everyone who’s joining a meeting or classroom remotely. Microphone Mist technology also allows for continuous auto calibration, which means there’s never a need to manually recalibrate when a room’s layout changes. 



(Image credit: Kramer)

Kramer’s DSP-62-AEC is the latest member of the XSPerience family of audio solutions. It is an easy-to-install, simple-to-use, plug-and-play mini-audio DSP solution. All prime connectivity options are catered for, with bi-directional audio via USB, dual HDMI inputs, and one HDMI output with de-embedding to manage any type of presentation. DSP-62-AEC can support four analog microphones and an additional stereo audio input. Furthermore, DSP-62-AEC can route and mix any audio source with its powerful DSP engine.

4098 CORE Supercardioid Microphones

DPA Microphones

(Image credit: DPA Microphones)

DPA Microphones’ 4098 CORE Supercardioid Microphone is featured among the company’s ceiling, podium and tabletop mics—available in a variety of mounting options to meet any conference or presentation need. With very low noise and high sensitivity, these solutions offer the clearest, most transparent, and most natural sound available on the market, all within a small footprint. With outstanding audio quality due to the linear response, low distortion, and extremely large dynamic range, the mics ensure maximum speech intelligibility regardless of acoustical environment. It is perfect for architects, AV consultants, and systems integrators to consider for upgrades and new facilities alike. 

AC6 ADAPTive Column Loudspeaker


(Image credit: EAW)

EAW’s AC6 ADAPTive Column Loudspeaker is the latest addition to the ADAPTive line. With a bandwidth of 65Hz-20KHz and max SPL of 143dB, it is ideal for any application where exceptional musical performance, and blending into the architecture, are required. It produces studio-quality sound in a low-profile box and is ideal for live sound and AV applications. It is equipped with EAW’s ADAPTive technology; Focusing and DynO digital signal processing; and provides clear, dynamic sound with a pristine impulse response.

Konftel 800 


(Image credit: Konftel )

The Konftel 800 offers remarkable flexibility as a powerful conference audio device for today’s communication and collaboration services, whether in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid environments. It connects via SIP, USB, and Bluetooth. Equipped with Konftel’s refined audio platform, OmniSound, the Konftel 800’s beamforming microphones actively keep the dialog flowing in meetings. The flagship device’s powerful and clear sound allows participants to relax, knowing that they can hear well and be heard. 


Listen Technologies

(Image credit: Listen Technologies)

Listen Technologies’ Listen EVERYWHERE streams audio over a Wi-Fi network to smart devices and is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and speakers, as well as telecoil-enabled hearing aids, when paired with a neck loop. Listen EVERYWHERE is easy and affordable for venues to set up; lets listeners use their own smart devices to hear audio clearly despite hearing loss, noise, or distance; and offers the industry’s lowest latency. It is ideal for houses of worship, courtrooms, classrooms, theaters, manufacturing plants, museums, and corporate board rooms. The LWR-1020 Listen EVERYWHERE receiver makes the system compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

PANTHER Line Array Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound

(Image credit: Meyer Sound)

Meyer Sound’s PANTHER Line Array Loudspeaker is engineered to meet rapidly evolving demands for large-scale touring and installed systems. PANTHER has a maximum peak output of more than 150dB SPL and weighs only 150lb (68kg), making it a significantly lighter box than anything in its class. It is the company’s first product designed and engineered from conception to completion with sustainability as a primary goal, and has a reduced carbon footprint in manufacturing, transport, and operation.

Audix M45 Shortgun Aimable Shotgun Ceiling Mic 


(Image credit: Audix)

Audix’s M45 Shortgun Aimable Shotgun Ceiling Mic is able to cover up to 150 square feet of area with remarkable sensitivity and exceptionally audible sound. It is ideal for use in corporate or educational classroom style setups, boardrooms, conference rooms as well as larger lecture venues and hospitals. 

Highly versatile and amiable, it features a low-profile, swivel-and-pivot base for convenient positioning. The M45 is optimized for vocal intelligibility and offers high sensitivity of 98 mV/Pa at 1 kHz, a maximum SPL of >124 dB, an integrated preamp, immunity from RF interference, and is easy to install in a 1-1/2-inch hole with no additional tools required. 

Pro Convert AES67


(Image credit: Magewell)

Magewell’s Pro Convert AES67 multi-format IP audio encoder, decoder, and capture device has extended the company’s media processing and IP workflow expertise into the audio domain. Pro Convert AES67 can send and receive AES67 streams as well as transporting uncompressed audio using NDI media-over-IP technology or AAC audio using the low-latency SRT protocol. It can flexibly convert IP-based audio between AES67, NDI, and SRT; encode analog audio as an on-ramp to audio-over-IP networks; and decode IP audio streams for analog output. It can also serve as a plug-and-play analog audio capture device when connected to a computer via USB.

Extron Certified Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms


(Image credit: Extron)

Extron’s Certified Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms include many of our most popular audio processors, amplifiers, and speakers. This detailed testing process ensures performance, compatibility, and high intelligibility with Extron acoustic echo cancellation technology. Our commitment to Microsoft Teams Rooms Certification empowers designers and users to choose audio solutions with confidence for any size environment and in any application, from enterprise to education to remote work.

BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array


(Image credit: ClearOne)

ClearOne’s BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array is the first to be truly wideband and frequency-invariant, and provides the ultimate in natural, full-fidelity sound. The BMA 360 is ideal for a broad range of rooms—delivering the best performance thanks to its advanced beamforming technology, greater functionality, and enhanced features. 

Groundbreaking technology delivers camera tracking and Voice Lift, allowing conference participants to experience natural and full-fidelity audio across all beams and within a single beam with little to no reverb or noise in difficult spaces, resulting in superb audio quality and intelligibility. 

Designer Sleeve DS31-EZ Pendant Speakers


(Image credit: SoundTube)

SoundTube’s Designer Sleeve DS31-EZ Pendant Speakers were developed to offer varying aesthetic options for near-space applications that require a design element to meet décor needs. The speakers can be used with or without the sleeve based on the desired look; blend well with drop lighting; and are available in silver, black, and white.

The DS31-EZ is a premium full-range three-inch pendant-mount speaker with a polypropylene driver and butyl rubber surround for long-lasting performance. It incorporates the ultra-low-profile ZeroReflection ABS enclosure, with a magnetically attached grille with a protective powder-coated finish. The Designer Sleeve’s IPX6 rating makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.



(Image credit: AJA)

AJA’s OG-DANTE-12GAM is a high-density, openGear-compatible solution for bridging 12G/6G/3G SDI sources with embedded audio to and from the Dante audio ecosystem. Dante audio networking provides digital audio distribution over IP networks, supporting uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency, high-resolution audio with scalability, simplified wiring, and easy installation. OG-DANTE-12GAM provides a high-density infrastructure solution, bridging Dante to SDI and back—ideal for stadiums, theaters, concerts, houses of worship, universities, and other AV environments. OG-DANTE-12GAM features industry-wide compatibility with openGear frames, allowing up to 640 channels of SDI/Dante audio bridging within a single 2RU frame housing 10 cards.

High Density Mode for CrewCom and CB2 Intercom Systems

Pliant Technologies

(Image credit: Pliant Technologies)

Pliant Technologies’ High Density Mode for CrewCom and CB2 Intercom Systems is a new, selectable mode of operation that greatly increases user densities. For CrewCom, this software-selectable mode supports up to 32 radio packs (RPs) on a single radio transceiver while dynamically allowing any four of the RPs to communicate in full duplex across four available talk paths. For CB2, the High Density mode supports up to 16 RPs on a single BaseStation, or combine up to two BaseStations for up to 32 RPs.

Quarra PTP Ethernet Switches

Artel Video Systems

(Image credit: Artel Video Systems)

Artel Video Systems’ Quarra PTP Ethernet Switches are designed for broadcast and live performance environments such as opera houses, defense and security, finance, and enterprise IT applications in which accurate timing and control are required. Quarra switches offer the industry’s most accurate IEEE 1588-compliant timing and synchronization, and have been modified to support live performance environments. They also feature quieter fans and new software-based controls that vary fan speed based on temperature. The switches support SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2059-2, permitting interoperable use of IP-based equipment with genlocked SDI equipment. The switches are RAVENNA AES67-approved, as well as Dante- and QSC-tested.

Exstreamer MPA400


(Image credit: Barix)

Barix’s Exstreamer MPA400 is the company’s newest IP audio decoder/amplifier for applications ranging from emergency notifications to paging and background music. Delivering up to 40-watt audio output for two- to eight-ohm analog speakers, it enables easy integration of existing speakers into feature-rich, audio-over-IP systems. The flexible device can decode audio streams delivered via HTTP or RTP protocols in codec formats including PCM, AACplus, MP3, Opus, G.711 and G.722. Native support for Singlewire Informacast and Intrado Revolution allows Exstreamer MPA400 devices to seamlessly integrate connected speakers as endpoints for the enterprise-class mass notification solutions, while SIP support enables compatibility with VoIP systems.

PA-CVB1 PulseAudio Collaboration Video Bar


(Image credit: Vanco)

Vanco’s PA-CVB1 PulseAudio Collaboration Video Bar houses a six-ray beamforming microphone and a 4K ePTZ camera in a sleek soundbar. In noisy areas, the PA-CVB1’s microphone technology focuses on the active meeting participants, rejecting distractions and background noise. The PA-CVB1’s camera features smart framing, auto-tracking, and a 120-degree field of view. 

The PA-CVB1 features USB 3.0 connectivity and a built-in software package, offering functionality for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and other popular conferencing platforms. The PulseAudio Collaboration Video Bar is an affordable, all-in-one solution for transforming any small meeting space into a video collaboration room.

DuoModo xMac mini/Echo III Rackmount


(Image credit: Sonnet)

Sonnet’s DuoModo xMac mini/Echo III Rackmount is a 2U modular system compatible with Apple Silicon and Intel-based Mac mini computers. It supports proper computer cooling even under heavy workloads, includes a built-in Thunderbolt storage dock, and connects three full-height, full-length PCIe cards. Available soon is the 3U Sonnet xMac Studio, featuring a design that enables access to all the computer’s ports, supports proper computer cooling under heavy workloads, and connects three full-height, full-length PCIe cards.

PowerZone Series Power Amplifiers

Blaze Audio

(Image credit: Blaze Audio)

Blaze Audio’s PowerZone Series Power Amplifiers consist of the PowerZone 252, PowerZone 505, and PowerZone 1004. Delivering both Low-Z or Hi-Z loads on any channel, they offer quick setup and versatile configuration options. The PowerZone 252 offers two channels—each with 125 Watts in a half-width, 1RU format. The PowerZone 504 is a four-channel power amplifier, with each channel set at 125 Watts in a half-width, 1RU format. The PowerZone 1004 features four 250-watt channels in a full-width, 1RU form factor. All models offer Blaze Audio’s Powershare technology, whereby the amplifier’s total available power is automatically shared across all channels. 

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