InfoComm 2024: Dante Director on Display and Daktronics, Christie Shine

A crowded show floor at InfoComm 2023.
(Image credit: Future)

The show floor at InfoComm 2024 opens today.  Here are a few more booths you must add to your list. And don't forget to bookmark the links below for all of SCN's InfoComm 2024 coverage. 

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Dante Director on Display

The Dante Director on a computer screen.

(Image credit: Dante)

Audinate will demo the Dante Director, which is now available to the public, at Booth C8012. Dante Director enables the remote management of Dante devices from any manufacturer across the internet using a simple, convenient web dashboard. Dante Director provides a powerful, interoperable, manufacturer agnostic IoT platform for the AV industry.

Designed to meet the varying needs of all Dante-based AV-over-IP networks, Dante Director enables IT and AV administrators to be more productive via remote access for management and monitoring. Admins can remotely configure Dante channel subscriptions, control user access, ensure network security, and monitor multiple Dante networks from a single account.

Dante Director works closely with Dante Controller to provide AV management capabilities. After initial setup, users can remotely launch and use Dante Controller from any internet connection without requiring direct local access to the network. With Dante Director, administrators can manage multiple AV networks from a single web dashboard, providing faster response times, increased flexibility, and better peace of mind through real-time monitoring.

Daktronics to Show Flip-Chip COB Product

Daktronics flip-chip COB technology.

(Image credit: Daktronics)

The latest in Flip-Chip COB (Chip On Board) LED technology will be showcased by Daktronics at Booth W2617. Visitors will see a 0.9-millimeter pixel pitch COB product creating a 7x12-foot 4K screen on one side of the booth and two 0.9-millimeter COB displays on the other side of the booth: One with high frame rate and the other pure black contrast. The company’s latest Integrated Matrix Device (IMD) LED technology will also be in the booth, including a 1.2-millimeter floor display and a 0.7-millimeter display with a 110-inch diagonal size. A speed frame mounting demo rounds everything that can be seen at the Daktronics booth.

The line of products Daktronics offers with this COB technology ranges from 1.8 millimeters down to 0.9 millimeters. It brings less heat to the display face and removes the wire bonds to increase reliability. It also decreases the power consumption for a lower cost of ownership over time.

Christie Brings New Solutions and a MicroTiles LED... Piano?

"Experience is everything" is Christie's InfoComm logo.

(Image credit: Christie)

Christie is celebrating its 95th anniversary at InfoComm 2024. Attendees to Booth W1024 will experience Christie technologies in action from an immersive, interactive room to a piano wrapped in MicroTiles LED.

New features and solutions that will be on display. Attendees can experience the newest version of Pandoras Box Software, which includes significant enhancements to the 2D Warper feature that is integrated with Workspaces. Users can visualize their stage set-up in 2D, with all layers and pixel parameters, and warp content without switching content views. This allows for more intuitive navigation and faster workflow.

Guests can also learn about the new Pandoras Box Content Management System (CMS), which improves control of the media timeline and content scheduling, and how to become a beta tester.

Christie’s newest RGB pure laser projector—the M 4K15 RGB—will make its InfoComm debut equipped with the new 0.8-1.16:1 ultra-high-contrast lens for 6,000:1 contrast and outstanding image quality. Attendees are invited to experience the M 4K15 RGB projector and lens in a light-controlled environment during demonstrations that take place between 3:30-5 p.m. daily at the booth.

Christie will showcase a MicroTiles LED-wrapped piano, created in partnership with the band Something Corporate and Procraft Media. The band required an LED solution that could encompass as much of the piano as possible and be bright enough to be seen during outdoor, daytime performances. Attendees can see why the small form factor and high brightness of MicroTiles LED made it the ideal solution.

Kramer to Unveil TBUS Product Line

The Kramer TBUS.

(Image credit: Kramer)

Kramer will debut its TBUS product line at Booth C8327. The TBUS introduces a new era of tabletop connectivity designed specifically for modern meeting environments, combining advanced technology with user-centric design.

The TBUS product line redefines conference room connectivity with its easy-to-install, robust table-mount solutions that fit seamlessly into any meeting space. This innovative system simplifies the technology experience by integrating all connectivity needs into a single cable solution for charging, AV, and USB peripherals, enhancing meeting efficiency and reducing clutter.

Featuring a sleek, small design that blends into meeting room aesthetics, the TBUS ensures that workspaces remain neat and professional. Its components are installed and maintained from above the table, making upgrades and maintenance hassle-free and saving valuable time for IT staff.

Kramer’s TBUS offers unmatched flexibility with its mix-and-match modules and a simple slide and lock mechanism, allowing users to customize their setup as needed. Designed with end-users in mind, the TBUS keeps tabletops tidy and enhances the functionality of meeting rooms without compromising on style or space.

Think Beyond with AVI-SPL 


(Image credit: AVI-SPL)

At Booth C7031, AVI-SPL will showcase communications and collaboration technologies and workplace solutions. AVI-SPL invites attendees to experience the future of work in a hybrid world through curated selection of modern AV, UCC, and workplace management solutions. 

Visitors to the booth will:

  • Gain insights into the latest developments in digital workplace technology, including new workspace management tools like Microsoft Places, for which AVI-SPL is a launch partner. 
  • Immerse in interactive displays featuring surround video, virtual reality (VR), and a 5.6-meter diagonal, larger-than-life video signage wall. 
  • Witness the power of AVI-SPL Symphony, the AI-enabled AV technology management software. 
  • Connect with industry experts ready to go beyond with you. 
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