InfoComm 2023 Impulses: ENCO on Captioning, Transcription, and Translation

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InfoComm 2023 returns to Orlando, FL this June 10-16. With the event just over a month away, we’ve turned to InfoComm 2023 exhibitors to learn what trends they expect to see at the show—plus an exclusive special sneak preview of what they’ll show in their booths—in our InfoComm Impulses 2023 series.

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Today, meet Ken Frommert, president ENCO.

Headshot of Ken Frommert, President ENCO.

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How does InfoComm inspire you?

Ken Frommert: The North American AV community comes to InfoComm in part to see and evaluate new products that can best serve their applications. There is no better opportunity for ENCO to showcase our latest innovations. What really inspires us is the feedback we receive from the professionals who specify, install, and operate AV systems. There is great value in listening to the feedback of these professionals so that we can continue to develop new features that are helpful to them in the field. It helps us anticipate how our products can be utilized in the future. 

What technology or industry trend do you expect to be the talk of InfoComm 2023?

KF: AI will be a hot topic this year. We are at the brink of what AI can do and as the technology advances, its role in the AV industry is expected to grow. I'm curious to see how other companies are currently applying it to their AV workflows.

What is your company’s main focus at the show this year?

KF: ENCO will have a primary focus on live automated captioning, transcription, and translation. We are proud of the accuracy improvements that we have made since InfoComm 2022. We are also excited to showcase our new partner Qimera, which specializes in real-time virtual production and compositing tools. We think there will be a lot of interest in this technology in the AV market, particularly as it pertains to live production.

How does your recent acquisition of RUSHWORKS strengthen ENCO’s position in Pro AV?

KF: The RUSHWORKS family of products has already proven to be a great addition to ENCO. We are especially excited about the PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head for AV professionals. The PTX Model 3 PRO delivers ultra-smooth, ramped moves on both axes. The design combines the best features of previous models into a sleek, powerful, and whisper-quiet precision robotic head, and is a great platform for any camera - from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema and URSA family to the new Studio Camera 4K/6K models, plus other larger form factor camera/lens combinations from several manufacturers. The PTX Model 3 PRO can be used with any controller that provides VISCA over IP communications. Users can also remotely control positioning and camera functions with a joystick and hardware and software interfaces.

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