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Here's How Avocor Helps AdventHealth Go Interactive

AdventHealth Goes Interactive with Avocor E Series Displays.
(Image credit: Avocor, AdventHealth)

Avocor (opens in new tab) recently partnered with IT reseller CDW to install its E Series interactive displays (opens in new tab) in AdventHealth locations. Specifically, AdventHealth decided on the 55-inch display for its HRO Unit Culture aimed at providing team  members with a voice and the ability to contribute in meetings.

AdventHealth Goes Interactive with Avocor E Series Displays.

(Image credit: Avocor, AdventHealth)

With more than 8,200 licensed beds across nine states, AdventHealth serves more than five million patients each year across its 45 hospital campuses. Adam Hennig, program manager at AdventHealth, runs a program called HRO Unit Culture, which trains healthcare teams across all AdventHealth hospitals to deliver meeting equity—helping each member to be heard and contribute in a meeting.

“We want to ensure that every team member has a voice and feels they have the psychological safety to report any issues, from something as simple as not having enough trash cans to much bigger concerns, such as a medicine being labelled incorrectly and the fatal implications this could have,” he explained.

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AdventHealth Goes Interactive with Avocor E Series Displays.

(Image credit: Avocor, AdventHealth)

To achieve this ‘meeting equity’, AdventHealth uses a technology called LENSTM, (Learning and ENgagement System) from Safe and Reliable Healthcare. Hennig and his team were looking for an interactive display solution that was light, compact and, critically, under 4-inch in mounted depth to meet with space restriction legislation. Working with CDW, AdventHealth found the ideal solution: the Avocor interactive 55-inch E series display.

“Choosing the Avocor solution meant that we could install an interactive touchscreen solution that was much tighter to the wall, and this really opened up the options where we could mount these within our units," Hennig said. "The Avocor displays were also much lighter than the previous brand we had used in the past, translating in much faster install times because we didn’t have to reinforce any of the walls. The solution enables our frontline healthcare providers access to information, to celebrate team success or engage in multi-purpose meetings, all from the touch of a button.”

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Now deployed in more than 100 different healthcare settings, Avocor displays are used by more than 1000 healthcare professionals every day.

AdventHealth Goes Interactive with Avocor E Series Displays.

(Image credit: Avocor, AdventHealth )

Despite the Avocor solution being originally implemented to drive the LENS application, Hennig is now seeing alternative uses for the displays across the AdventHealth campuses.

“Our Avocor-plus-LENS solution is intuitive for all our users, regardless of their technical ability," Hennig explained. "The feedback we have received is that the touch experience is smooth and precise with no lag, creating a superior user experience in these critical environments. 

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"Furthermore, our teams are now independently exploring additional use cases for their Avocor interactive screens. I recently saw one unit using the Avocor display to show a YouTube video of an aquarium, which was a very calming visual for patients and staff alike, brought to life in 4K resolution. I know that other teams find the native integration with Microsoft vital in their day-to-day work.”

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