Haivision Enables House-of-Worship Services, Videos to Be Shared On Demand

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Haivision Systems, a leading provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and networking solutions, announced major new features to Haivision Connect that make it easy for churches to share video on demand to audiences anywhere at any time. 

This feature is an added benefit for both houses of worship and worshippers who missed a live service, want to rewatch a service, or those seeking a new church to join. With Haivision Connect video on demand (VOD), viewers have the freedom to watch services and any other type of church content at their convenience, making it easy for churches to reach their existing and new audiences. Video clips can be streamed to social media platforms to promote awareness of the church, and previously streamed live events can be published to the church’s website. 

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(Image credit: Haivision)

“Connecting with viewers who are not able to attend our services or watch live online is a priority for our ministry as it allows us to deliver our message to those that really count on us, wherever they are,” said Jonathan Garcia, technical production manager, King Jesus International Ministry. “The Haivision Connect live and on-demand streaming platform is the perfect tool that gives our audience more choices and more ways to watch.” 

Designed in close collaboration with leading ministries, Haivision Connect also makes it easy for church leaders and volunteers to create, upload, and publish on-demand video from a web-based browser. With just a few clicks, a Haivision Connect user can share video content, such as a recording of a previously held service, to web video players, mobile apps, OTT services, and social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, all at once. 

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The Haivision Connect Smart Encoding feature automatically generates the different video resolutions and bitrates required by each publishing platform. This feature streamlines the process of preparing content and eliminates potential errors as it requires only a single file to be uploaded to Haivision Connect for all the different web, mobile, and social media platforms used. 

With Haivision Connect users can easily create playlists for grouping content based on the type of video or target audiences. Playlists may be used to group types of services, specific pastors, campus locations or different languages. On-demand video stored with the Haivision Connect cloud platform can be augmented to include searchable metadata making it easy for viewers to find content they want to watch. 

“Haivision Connect has been carefully designed for ministries to make it easy for them to live stream their services. Now we’ve applied that same ease of use to our new video on-demand workflow,” said Daniel Alexander, director product management, Haivision. “Video on demand with Haivision Connect enables churches to reach their current community and first-time guests anywhere at any time allowing them to build deeper connections with their online congregation and expand their reach.”  

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Haivision Connect uses the same highly reliable and pristine quality video technology trusted by thousands of major television broadcasters, corporations, and government agencies for their mission-critical video applications. Backed by dedicated, experienced support experts available 24/7, Haivision Connect allows users to stream with complete confidence. 

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