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Extron Releases Update for DMP 128 Plus

Extron Releases Update for DMP 128 Plus

The What: Extron Electronics has released firmware version 1.02 for the DMP 128 Plus Digital Matrix Processors.

The What Else: With this free firmware update, the four DMP 128 Plus C models support up to 12 independent channels of high performance AEC, up from 8 channels, with no hardware changes. The three DMP 128 Plus AT models now also support Dante Domain Manager, network management software, from Audinate. DDM enables user authentication, role-based security, and seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure. This firmware update adds compatibility with the VoIP MS cloud-based VoIP system for the DMP 128 Plus V models, continuing our commitment to the widest possible VoIP compatibility. Finally, the ability to convert project files between DMP 128 Plus types has been added with this firmware and DSP Configurator Software version 2.20.

The Bottom Line: Extron AEC features advanced algorithms that deliver optimal intelligibility in situations that challenge AEC performance, including double-talk, and the use of wireless microphones at the near end. Dante Domain Manager supports enterprise network environments that often require user-specific roles, high security, and logical segmenting of domains and devices on the network.

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