Equipson Enhances PA Products With New Acoustic Simulator

Acoustic Simulator
A screenshot from Equipson's Acoustic Simulaor. (Image credit: Equipson)

Calculating the correct number of Public Address loudspeakers needed to provide the best audio coverage in a given space can be very time-consuming, especially if the space in question is not uniform.

To address this issue, Spanish manufacturer Equipson has created an Acoustic Simulator for its own product range that is designed to help AV installers accurately calculate the number of loudspeakers and amplifiers they need to achieve optimum results.

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This handy web-based tool makes its calculations by referencing a comprehensive database of Equipson loudspeakers and amplifiers. Filters are provided so that installers can choose the product with the right characteristics for their project. Once a choice has been made, all the installer needs to do is enter the dimensions of the space and let the software work out how many loudspeakers are needed. It will also identify which amplifiers should be chosen to meet the project's power requirements and it will tell the installer where best to position the loudspeakers within the space to achieve the best acoustic results.

Acoustic Simulator

Amplifier recommendation from Equipson's Acoustic Simulator tool (Image credit: Equipson)

"Installers working with Equipson PA products can save themselves a great deal of time and effort by allowing our Acoustic Simulator tool to calculate exactly what they need in a simple and automated way," says Equipson's AV Systems product manager Javier Reolid Arocas. "The software is incredibly easy to use and requires very little effort on the part of the installer. It can also be tailored to suit highly specific requirements--for example an installer can state whether a PA system will be used for speech, music or both, the type of sound dispersion required and the tolerance level for background noise."

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Once the correct number and type of products have been identified, installers can also link the Acoustic Simulator results to their account to create a shopping list. There is also an option to download the simulator's results as a pdf file.

To access Equipson's Acoustic Simulator, follow this link: https://products.equipson.es/acoustic-simulator.


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