D-Tools Releases ‘Major’ Updates in SI v12 Software

The What: D-Tools, Inc. has announced new capabilities to its on-premises estimation, design, and project management System Integrator (SI) software solution: System Integrator v12. 

The What Else: Available February 4, 2019, SI v12 delivers new productivity features: workflow management rules that help business managers maintain control over operating standards and business processes, project notifications that help ensure project stakeholders remain fully informed, and calculated items that provide a new method for establishing pricing parameters.

“The advancements provided through this release represent a quantum leap forward in the areas of pricing, team communications, and workflow management,” said Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools. “Each of the three key features adds flexibility and the potential for new and creative ways to run your business using System integrator.”

Workflow Management Rules

SI’s new workflow management rules enable managers to enforce standards and operating procedures by setting admissible thresholds by which employees must comply. Workflow rules provide the necessary checks and balances that ensure minimum profit margin requirements are being adhered to, large proposals and purchase orders are acknowledged and approved by management before issuance, necessary team members are notified in response to customer needs, and more. Workflows can be configured to trigger an action and/or send a notification based on user-set criteria.

Project Notifications

SI users can set project notifications to inform internal and external team members of specific project- and sales-related activities such as when a proposal exceeds the stated budget or the profit margin falls below the acceptable minimum, when a contract is approved, when a project requires engineering drawings, when a change order has been created and is ready for review, when tasks have been assigned, and much more. Notifications ensure that project stakeholders remain informed so they can adapt, respond, and stay on task as project parameters change. Notifications can be sent to SI users in-app, as well as emailed to both internal and external stakeholders.

Calculated Product Costs and Labor Items 

Cost and sell prices can now be calculated based on user-defined pricing parameters. At the most basic level, this feature allows SI users to calculate a unit cost or sell price of a product or labor item based on some established value and formula. More importantly, system integrators can now use a project’s equipment total to calculate project labor, design fees, freight charges or a budget for installation materials. Additionally, the field labor total may be used to calculate a project management budget, or the project total can be used to calculate pricing for a service contract, and much more. In short, SI customers can now apply percentages, mark-ups, mark-downs, and other functions to maintain accurate and consistent pricing across projects. 

The Bottom Line: D-Tools will also host a webinar titled “What’s New in SI” that will detail the latest enhancements and capabilities of this new major release, designed to help streamline the business process for electronic system integrators. The session will take place on Wednesday, February 13 from 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. PST, and is free to all attendees.

Registration is now open here: https://bit.ly/2G18ELv.

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