Appspace Strengthens Partnership with Google to Enhance Workplace Experience

Appspace Launches Microsoft offering.
(Image credit: Appspace)

Appspace has launched Appspace for Google to create more productive, collaborative, and engaging workplaces. By integrating with Google Chrome Enterprise, Google Meet, and Google Workspace, Appspace helps organizations improve employee engagement and unify their workplaces—whether their teams are frontline workers, in-office, hybrid, or remote.

“Appspace for Google goes beyond simple integrations so companies can improve engagement and productivity from one unified platform,” said Scott Chao, chief growth officer at Appspace.  “By strengthening our partnership with Google, we’ll work to provide great workplace experiences for every employee.”

[Appspace Launches Microsoft Offering to Enhance Workplace Experience]

Appspace is now a Chrome Enterprise recommended partner. For companies using and thriving in the Google ecosystem, this extends the functionality of Google products, while providing the same level of enterprise-grade security they expect from Google.

“Appspace’s decision to build for ChromeOS showcases the mutual determination of both companies to elevate the workplace experience,” said Raluca Monet, Google strategic partnerships lead. “Appspace for Google turns Chrome devices into powerful productivity and communications tools for HR, communications, and IT teams, and strengthens our business partnership through one unified workplace experience offering.”

Move from One Channel to Omni-Channel
Organizations want to ensure employees receive and see company messages as soon as they are delivered. With Appspace for Google, companies can move from one channel to an omni-channel communications strategy through Chrome Enterprise digital signage and kiosks and Google Meet-enabled rooms. The seamless integrations make it easy to create and publish company content in less time and simultaneously reach all employees across Google-powered devices and software solutions.

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Enhance In-office Interactions
Employees returning to the office need simple ways to execute common tasks like finding meeting rooms. Appspace for Google enables efficient room booking using Google-powered kiosks and room panels. In addition, employees can make hybrid working easier by reserving desks or finding their colleagues – all within Google Calendar.

Appspace for Google includes integration across all Google software and hardware devices, including Google Workspace, Google Meet, Chrome, Android devices, and Google Calendar.


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