5 Products to Know for Tuesday: Listen Technologies, AtlasIED, and More

Williams AV unveils WaveCAST.
(Image credit: Williams AV)

From June 8-10 in Las Vegas, many products were unveiled and showcased at InfoComm 2022. Here's a look at some you may have missed.

Listen Technologies: Reliable, adaptable assistive listening solutions

ListenIR is Listen Technologies’ infrared (IR) product that offers reliable coverage and a cost-effective and easy way to install a solution for assistive listening, interpretation, and other wireless audio applications. ListenIR transmits clear, focused sound over infrared directly to the listener without amplifying ambient noise. ListenIR is ideal for classrooms, courtrooms, and boardrooms where confidentiality is critical because infrared cannot travel through walls and there is no spillover into adjacent rooms. For more information, click here.

ListenRF operates similarly to ListenIR but transmits sound over radio frequency (RF). Listen Technologies offers radio frequency assistive listening systems in both the 72 MHz and 216 MHz frequency ranges. Systems that operate in the 216 MHz range expand coverage for large theaters, arenas, and stadiums, and allow the user to move around in large venues without losing the signal. This also simplifies distribution of receivers. They all work in the same frequency, so they do not need to be coordinated or based on where an individual is seated. For more information, click here. 

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AtlasIED delivers its Strategically Hidden Speaker solution.

(Image credit: AtlasIED)

Building on the popularity of the Strategically Hidden Speaker family (SHS) multi-function loudspeaker and meeting integrator demand to install its high-quality sound capabilities in tight spaces, AtlasIED now offers the SHS-3T2-HD. 

Featuring a curved profile, AtlasIED designed the SHS-3T2-HD specifically for use in shallow, hard-deck ceilings that can’t accommodate a larger plenum footprint of the SHS-6T2 or SHS-3T2. This simple-to-install, discreet, low-profile audio solution is even more powerful thanks to AtlasIED’s Adaptive Dispersion Lens Technology, which consists of a three-inch diameter lens and a micro trim ring.

The SHS-3T2-HD expands the high-quality sound capabilities of the company’s Strategically Hidden (SHS) line into a wider range of commercial environments. Including the SHS-3T2-HD, SHS-6T2, SHS-3T2, and SHS-LF, the SHS family now offers a solution for any space, providing design continuity and high-quality, full range audio throughout an entire facility. Learn more about the SHS series here

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Enado: Mini-Pro and 19-Inch Pro+ modular controllers 

Enado released new controllers at InfoComm 2022.

(Image credit: Enado)

The Mini Pro meets the need for easy IP control with its Ethernet connection and two rs232 ports. New Enlink modules are available to add local or remote rs232/IP or IR/IP options. The Mini Pro is supplied as a standalone unit or with a rack mount option.

The larger 19-inch rack mounted Pro+ range can be configured to suit the needs of any project no matter what the scale, incorporating rs232, IR, and relay options. Each controller can have combinations that could see up to 18 IR outputs, eight rs232 modules, and 18 relays.

The latest controllers are over seven times faster than previous manufacturers models, they include remote access control and programming ideal for centralized support, also integration with embedded video from many leading AVoIP products and enhanced voice control.

Williams AV WaveCAST

Williams AV unveils WaveCAST.

(Image credit: Williams AV)

WaveCAST, a real-time audio over Wi-Fi platform, and FM+ which integrates the WaveCAST Wi-Fi audio server technology into an FM assistive listening system, have been widely adopted worldwide. Both products are built on hardware-based DSP, designed for pro-audio applications where high-quality sound is required. The products' success in the market results from their ability to augment audio for hearing loss in assistive listening applications, their high-fidelity playback, and maximum speech intelligibility. Adding functionality that allows the products to be controlled through third-party room controls gives AV professionals the ability to optimize the users' listening experience and maintain other functions, all from a single source.  

The new WaveCAST (WF T5C) and FM+ (FM T55C) versions integrate with third-party room systems and can be controlled with Telnet commands via Ethernet. Telnet commands include:  

  • Adjustable audio input gain
  • Ability to change DSP settings
  • Access to VU meter to verify audio levels
  • Ability to view and update WaveCAST Network settings
  • View or set channel name
  • RF Power, channel, frequency, and adjustments (FM T55C model only)

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Userful's new dvLED solutions

To support the growing demand for dvLED that gives organizations the end-to-end control they’ve come to expect from an AV-over-IP platform, Userful has enhanced its LED offerings.  Overall, Userful’s new dvLED solutions portfolio enables centralized control and management of any screen—dvLED, single displays, kiosks, and more, from any display/controller vendor (eg. LG, Unilumin, Novastar, Samsung, Sony)—from a single management platform. This is enabled through Userful’s dvLED optimized software platform and software products:

  • LED Media Commander 11.4: Userful has added new capabilities to its LED Media Commander. The new software release supports up to eight LED controllers with genlock synch which ensures flawless synchronization across even the largest dvLED walls for command-and-control, signage applications or immersive experiences.
  • uClient for webOS dvLED: The Userful uClient integrates directly into LG webOS allowing customers to deploy LG's dvLED products LSAA Magnit and LSAB Bloc, on Userful’s AV-over-IP platform with no additional hardware required.
  • uClient for Android and Tizen dvLED: For dvLED deployments that are not using LG webOS, Userful also offers uClient adapters which ensures display ubiquity: any display or LED controller can be used in a Userful deployment. 

For full details and more Userful products, click here

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