#InfoCommInspo: Prysm

#InfoCommInspo: Prysm

In our series of #InfoCommInspo blogs, we're talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they're looking to see at InfoComm 2018.

Q&A with Hannah Grap, Vice President of Marketing at Prysm

Q: Why InfoComm?

Hannah Grap: InfoComm provides a strong platform for Prysm to showcase our innovative solutions to a large, international community of existing partners, system integrators and customers. The Las Vegas show, in particular, tends to a draw a great mix of integrators and end users who come together to discuss the next-generation needs of the pro-AV industry and help advance the technology. This year, we’re excited to demonstrate the new Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, a first-of-its-kind interactive single-panel, large-format display that offers a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels. Visitors to our booth (#N1245) will be able to experience how the LPD 6K Series is eliminating the concessions end users typically have to make when choosing a video wall, such as the disjointed viewing experience that can be created by tiled video wall solutions. The outcome is an exceptional combination of visual integrity with a responsive touch experience – setting a new standard for interactive video walls and collaboration.

Q: What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

HG: We expect that “delivering better experiences” will be a key topic at the show. There have been a lot of technology advances to move the “art of the possible” forward, but now is the time to bring them together to truly change the way people work, and how they experience content. This concept is particularly important for collaboration solutions, but even more so when it comes to experience centers and other premium spaces. Recent advances in video wall solutions, particularly LPD 6K, help eliminate drawbacks that customers complain about with video walls in terms of seams/bezels, uncomfortable viewing or collaboration experiences, and the ability to install video walls in almost any space. All of these impact the experience that businesses can deliver. We know more companies want to add video walls to their spaces but still can’t find the right solution. To support this trend at InfoComm 2018, Prysm will showcase the unique experience the LPD 6K creates for system integrators and end users including:

An immersive, bezel-free viewing experience, featuring a high fill factor and an exceptional contrast ratio, resulting in striking picture quality and built-in interactivity with more than 32 simultaneous touchpoints

A cool-to-the-touch screen with low power intake, consuming at least 20 percent less energy than similarly sized LED/LCD video walls with 96 percent recyclable materials

An easier installation experience with a rollable display panel, which means it can be installed in high-rises and locations with small entryways, and better serviceability with easier access from the front of the unit

Q: How will your solutions inspire integrators?

HG: Integrators have a huge range of options for low cost, low-resolution video walls. However, a new kind of consumer is entering the market looking for a higher quality viewing experience, and the security of being future-proofed against use cases they haven’t thought of yet. Most importantly, this new consumer is willing to pay a premium to have someone meet those demands. The new LPD 6K Series helps integrators meet the demands of this consumer as it provides an immersive, bezel-free viewing experience above 100 inches that is also capable of meeting the needs of today’s workplace. As a result, Prysm is opening new doors for its AV partners to bring this new display approach to two unique markets including:

Collaboration and innovation centers – coupled with Prysm’s visual collaboration platform, the LPD 6K makes meetings more engaging and immersive, ultimately resulting in better, faster decisions

Digital signage – delivers a beautiful, uncompromised distance viewing experience at 6K to draw in customers with the ability to switch to an immersive, touch-enabled experience. Additionally, the new modular design helps speed display integration and permits installation in a variety of locations. The durable front screen – made of a specialty coated polycarbonate layer – is rolled into a cylinder for easy transport. Thanks to this feature, integrators can negotiate tight corners and enter through standard doors and passenger elevators during set-up – something that is nearly impossible for traditional large-format displays

Q: How will your solutions inspire tech managers?

HG: Since 2012, our LPD technology has been deployed by hundreds of global brands spanning vertical markets including automotive, consulting, technology, finance, pharmaceutical, media and universities to help enterprises promote collaboration and business success. Our number one goal with the LPD 6K Series is to provide enterprises, their employees and customers with an exceptional user experience that delivers a unique blend of visual integrity and interactivity to inspire new ideas, drive business forward, and promote working smarter together.

To learn more, check out PRYSM in Booth N1245 at InfoComm 2018.

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