Turning Heads with Projection Mapping

The giant head that features a host of eye-catching projection mapping made its debut at ISE 2019, but makes the scene here in Orlando with all-new content.

Kresa’s first architectural projections took place in 1995. His diverse background, combined with his experience in lighting and multimedia, informed his early work in projections and continues to inspire his design process. He began working with still slides and now uses the most powerful projectors on the market. He founded BARTKRESA studio in 2006, a premier projection mapping company that specializes in developing one-of-a-kind experiences around the world.

[TIDE 2019: Q&A with Projection Master Bart Kresa, June 11, 2019]

Bart Kresa's Sviatovid projection sculpture at InfoComm 2019.

“The technology continues to get more accessible, and requires less maintenance,” says Kresa. “When clients learn that new laser projectors can run for 20,000 hours, and have auto-align capabilities, they feel like a permanent projection installation is a more viable option. As a result, we have clients who see a projection-mapping feature as a unique add-on to mainstream attractions.”

And although projection mapping creates a memorable impression on its viewers, Kresa stresses the content over the technology used to create it. “Our clients choose projection mapping because our work and medium transform existing spaces to create new and impactful experiences,” he says. “Our work is so effective that the audience does not see projections; they see something brilliant and tactile.”

[Sviatovid Projection Sculpture Makes U.S. Debut at InfoComm, June 10, 2019]

Even after all his time and experience in projection mapping, Kresa still is excited by its prospects. “I have been working with projections for 28 years, and continue to discover new possibilities within this medium,” he says. “The opportunity to create new experiences is the most exciting part of this job for me. Each new space provides a new challenge.”

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