Steering in the Right Direction

Quick Bio

Name: Matt Czyzewski

Position: President

Company: Renkus-Heinz

Overtime: Czyzewski recently moved to Southern California and hopes to be able to enjoy the “almost perfect” weather in the area by playing more golf.

Matt Czyzewski, Renkus-Heniz

SCN: What is your position, and what does it entail? What are your responsibilities?

MATT CZYZEWSKI: Innovation, science, engineering, integrity, family—these concepts are core to the mission and work of Renkus-Heinz. When you take on the role of president at a company that values these core concepts, you are trusted with a position that goes far beyond a desk job. You have to dive into the engineering. You must truly understand what technologies our integrator partners value in the field. You need to absolutely love the experiences—and results—we bring to end users. And you have to ensure the idea of family extends not only to our own employees, but to the contractors, integrators, and end users who rely on what we create.

My responsibility is to ensure Renkus-Heinz continues to do what it has always been successful at: innovating while also looking at ways to solve problems with a new and different twist. From there, it is my job to take a technological advancement and look deeper into our current markets to see how we can provide more value, look at new markets that can benefit from our solutions, and find ways to bring our technology to more people.

SCN: How long have you been in this position?

MC: I joined Renkus-Heinz as president in May of 2019. Before taking this role, I had been at Biamp for 22 years. I started as a product manager there and later served as vice president, executive vice president, chief operating officer, and finally chief executive officer.

SCN: How has your background prepared you for your role?

MC: Integrators and end users today expect more robust and intelligent solutions to their challenges than ever before. They’re well informed about what new technologies can improve their business, and it is up to us to provide those new technologies swiftly.

I have experience in engineering, business development, and progressive management. That background helps me stay in touch with the technologies and support offerings that assist the integrator and end user, and it helps us respond proactively to the demand in the market. Not to mention that I have been on the integration side of the business for a little over 30 years.

SCN: What are your short- and long-term goals?

MC: Short-term we are focused on two products that will change every market they touch, in both the channel and end-user markets. Those two products are our Directivity Control Series of steerable arrays, specifically our DC12/2 model, and the ICLive X series of steerable arrays.

Long term, the goal is to use cutting-edge technologies like we offer in the ICLive X and Directivity Control Series to drive sales, elevate the Renkus-Heinz brand, strengthen the organization, and extend the legacy we have here. If we follow that equation, where cutting-edge technology leads to improved solutions and performance, we invariably provide value to our customers and partners.

SCN: What is the greatest challenge you face?

MC: How do you make steerable loudspeakers more accessible to everyone? This is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity we are faced with today—not only for Renkus-Heinz, but for the integrator channel as well.

If we make steerable products accessible to more markets, effective for more spaces, and ensure the technology is effortless to integrate and control, the results will show on all of our integrators and partners’ bottom lines.

We’ve taken steps to ensure the technology is incredibly accessible right now. As I mentioned previously, we’ve designed new devices specific to spaces of different sizes and uses, and we’ve implemented mobile applications that more effectively put the integrator and user in control. With that level of control, and the reduction in the number of black boxes needed on an installation, we’re saving time and money while also increasing quality and clarity. The challenge is to continue this push, and in turn provide everyone in professional audio with extreme control and precision.

SCN: Where do you see the professional audio market heading?

MC: We all know there is increasing commoditization occurring in the professional audio market. The cure for that is to fully commit to working on the science of sound.

It is my belief that the professional audio market will increasingly recognize that better engineered technology will differentiate them from the pack. That is true for Renkus-Heinz, it is true for the integrators who work with us, and it is true for the end users who trust our products to provide the best experiences possible.

As I said earlier, we will continue to solve problems for others with a new and different twist, and that twist is what I believe is the future of the industry. The twist represents the heart and soul of our work, the brainpower behind our innovations, and the solutions that work so well you can’t help but use them.

SCN: Are there new initiatives we are likely to see from Renkus-Heinz?

MC: Innovation never stops at Renkus-Heinz. So, without breaking any announcement embargos, the succinct answer is yes, there are new initiatives on the horizon.

More specifically, we will be expanding our outreach to integrators and contractors to help them identify ways in which steerable loudspeakers can help them build a more effective business. We’ll be continually innovating ways to make our advanced technologies more accessible to all.

SCN: How can systems contractors better position themselves to profit from products and/or services you offer?

MC: If you’re not using steerable technologies now, call us up and ask about it. Steerable loudspeakers will save you time in installation, will make your setups more precise, and will result in improved outcomes for your clients.

Our goal is to help integrators use this technology more effectively. We have new tools that make it more accessible and enable it to be quickly and effectively installed in any environment.

Renkus-Heinz is providing the most technologically advanced sound on the market today. It’s an offering that can absolutely transform businesses. And it comes with a committed Renkus-Heinz team that will support you every step of the way. 

Megan A. Dutta

Megan A. Dutta is a pro AV industry journalist, and the former content director for Systems Contractor News (SCN) and Digital Signage Magazine, both Future U.S. publications. Dutta previously served as the marketing communications manager at Peerless-AV, where she led the company’s marketing and communications department. Dutta is the recipient of AVIXA's 2017 Young AV Professional Award and Women in Consumer Technology's 2018 Woman to Watch Award. Dutta is co-founder of Women of Digital Signage, an organization designed to provide a pathway to promote networking, mentoring, and personal growth.