Digital Signage on Display

Featured at the Digital Signage Pavilion are products such as displays and display walls, digital signage processors, content playback and management, content management software, media players, mounts, network infrastructure, narrowcasters and content distribution solutions.

“Digital signage is a very healthy market for AV firms to put energy behind,” says Sean Wargo, senior director of market intelligence, AVIXA. “The solution segment is forecast to reach $34 billion in revenue for 2019 and grow to $45 billion by 2024 globally. Digital signage’s ability to disseminate timely and accurate information to enhance the customer experience is gaining traction in high-growth markets such as restaurants, banking, retail, healthcare and hospitality facilities.”

The focus on digital signage also includes an education program with five sessions that explore new markets within digital signage. The goal is to bring awareness to this exciting market that many simply classify as “technology.”

Kay Mumford of Datapath says the Digital Signage Pavilion is a place where creativity is matched with today’s latest technology.

Kay Mumford of Datapath says the Digital Signage Pavilion is a place where creativity is matched with today’s latest technology.

“Digital signage is much more than technology—it’s the orchestration of concepts, content and context,” says Florian Rotberg, managing director of Invidis. “The sessions will enable AV integrators to improve their skills to analyze customer needs and pain points within different markets to provide valuable solutions.”

Being part of the Digital Signage Pavilion has helped Datapath make its presence felt at InfoComm 2019. “The Digital Signage Pavilion is certainly an exciting place for Datapath to be, and to be seen,” says Kay Mumford, marketing communications manager, Datapath. “It’s particularly great to see how creativity is being matched with today’s latest technology to produce some really eye-catching solutions, and we are glad to play our part!”

With a rapidly changing industry, the Digital Signage Pavilion serves as a reminder of how far technology has come and the exciting potential for its future.

“This year’s Digital Signage Pavilion is a vibrant epicenter of the exciting present and the promising future of the digital signage industry,” says Pavlo Fedykovych of Kitcast. “Mixing the best new technologies, insightful networking and endless business opportunities, the Digital Signage Pavilion is the place to be if you’re from the industry.”

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