Companies to Watch in 2019

As we ring in the New Year, it’s as good a time as any to check in with some of the leading companies in the pro AV space to see what’s in store for 2019.

We reached out to a wide swath of firms to find out about the products, partnerships, and platforms they’re excited about for the year ahead. The responses were as varied as they were optimistic—providing plenty of reason to believe that the final year of the twenty-teens could be the best one yet.


With AV over IP gaining increasing importance in the AV market, Arista Corporation is positioning to provide key elements of the infrastructure that provide the foundation for advanced AV systems development. As an established manufacturer of video wall LCD displays, AV extenders, matrix switchers, AV multiviewers, and related products, Arista Corporation—guided by CEO Paul Shu—enables AV integrators to design and build AV systems with excellent image quality and the versatility to accommodate a variety of sources while addressing the challenges of transmitting signals over long distances. Key product offerings from Arista Corporation include the IP Flash Caster AV-over-IP signal distribution system, the RS-121 1RU Rackmount Computer with Integrated HDBaseT KVM Extender, and the ARD-5816-31 cluster for use with the company’s IP Flash Caster AV-over-IP Copper/Fiber Transmitter and Receiver Cards.


Atlona plans to expand its OMEGA Series of presentation and collaboration products.

Atlona plans to expand its OMEGA Series of presentation and collaboration products.

The acceleration of AV over IP took shape in 2018, driven by available solutions that simplified migration to the network. Atlona strived to the forefront of innovation with its All-IP Meeting Space concept, offering flexibility to design, integrate, scale, and manage meeting room systems.

The All-IP Meeting Space created an ecosystem for Atlona’s IP-and cloud-based products, bringing networked switching and distribution (OmniStream), control (Velocity), and more (including USB over IP) together for AV and IT professionals. That value proposition was extended with the announcement that OmniStream will become the first AV-over-IP platform to support Dolby Vision.

Every business has unique needs, preferences, and facility architectures. This includes circuit-based systems, which remain a core Atlona focus. In 2018, Atlona announced two product lines to support circuit-based requirements: The OMEGA Series of presentation and collaboration products and the Opus Series of 4K HDR matrix switchers.

With many of these products now shipping, Atlona’s 2019 plans include expansion of the OMEGA Series and new OmniStream and Velocity firmware/software updates that strengthen the value of transitioning AV systems to the network.


Attero Tech claims to have originated the in-wall networked audio interface product category in 2007 (in the CobraNet days), and has been supplying the market with in-wall Dante/AES67 interfaces for the last five years. In 2019, the company will introduce some additional in-wall devices that will aim to extend its current platform in ways that will make them both more flexible to use and an even better fit for budget-constrained projects. Attero Tech aspires to be the “Switzerland” of networked endpoint products, with strong partnerships and native integrations of its products with DSP manufacturers like QSC, Biamp, and Symetrix. The company will announce more partnerships in 2019 as it “goes native” with even more DSPs.


Audinate reports that in 2018, the Dante ecosystem grew to include more than 1,600 products from over 400 different manufacturers. In 2019, Audinate will continue to advance Dante AV over IP, expanding the portfolio of fully interoperable Dante-enabled products to new areas.

Following the demonstration of integrated video and audio control at InfoComm 2018 with partner SDVoE, Audinate will focus on bringing Dante’s ease of use and no-hassle interoperability to complete audio-and video-over-IP systems.

In addition, Audinate released Dante Domain Manager in early 2018, adding a high level of standards-based efficiency, security, and control to Dante networks. Upgrades to Dante Domain Manager planned for 2019 will enable SMPTE2110 compatibility for broadcast environments while providing robust security and integration with LDAP and Active Directory for use in managed IT environments.

Audinate is working with key partners in AV to deliver new and exciting tools and experiences to its end users, making Dante more accessible than ever for a wide variety of applications.


Audio-Technica says its 2019 plan is to maintain its focus on industry trends in connecting data networks for both audio and control communications. As the industry moves toward more comprehensive implementation of such protocols as Dante and AES67, A-T will continue to develop and refine its system integrator solutions including its ATND series of Dante/AES67 microphones. A-T is seeing the adoption of its ATDM digital audio mixers, which feature control that is found through a web browser on almost any device. The company is also focused on a wide range of wireless products including the next generation of its 3000 and 5000 series wireless systems designed for critical performance applications. In the coming year, A-T will look to continue to introduce more exciting products and technologies to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of end users.


With an expanded engineering staff, Audix will work to continue in 2019 to innovate and reinvest in improved operations and U.S. manufacturing that has been its hallmark since its establishment in 1984.

Audix, which produces high-quality professional microphones for conferencing, distance learning, government, and HOW applications, is headquartered near Portland, OR where it conducts research, design, fabrication, assembly, and final testing in its state-of-the-art facility. Listening closely to the needs of consultants, design engineers, and installers results in products that evenly balance form and function.

A highlight of Audix’s work in 2018 is its M65 tabletop microphone, which was recently installed at the NY Assembly. It features a brass solid-tube construction, Micros circuitry, and a socket swivel mount. In 2019, shipping will begin on the M63, a programmable boundary microphone that uses an internal shock mount. Also look for Audix to unveil a new line of Dante-enabled Micros Series conferencing microphones.


Collaborative display technology is changing the way the world works together, and fast-growing company Avocor is looking to remain a leading force in this transformation in 2019. The company’s Windows collaboration display by Avocor features advanced touchscreen technology and is fully compatible with Windows 10, delivering the power and productivity of Microsoft 365 at room scale.

With Avocor's solutions, teams can connect more easily and efficiently, whether in a huddle space, across the conference table, or even across the globe. Avocor’s partnership with Microsoft means that the company is now making the blueprint for all Windows collaborative display products going forward. According to Avocor, its F series is the industry’s only collaborative display to be endorsed by Microsoft as a Surface Hub 1 alternative. The fact that Microsoft, as well as leading tech companies like Zoom, are on board with Avocor speaks to the company’s engineering and R+D prowess—and the fact that Microsoft is looking for first- and third-party solutions validates the entire collaborative display space in a big way.


Bannister Lake—a Cambridge, ON-based software development company that specializes in creating automated, fully manageable data, and graphics products and services for the broadcast, digital signage, and e-sports industries—is looking to continue offering its flagship Chameleon solution in 2019.

Chameleon is a web-based, real-time data aggregation and management product with onboard query, RESTful API, and HTML 5 renderer. Users can ingest multiple, diverse data feeds simultaneously from any source; moderate, edit, blend, customize, and output content in any data format to any device, including graphics engines, web, mobile, AR, and VR. It is well suited for managing and customizing fast-moving data feeds of any kind including social media, elections, news, sports, and financial data.


Barco points to its AV control and monitoring software, Overture, as a reason to watch the copany in 2019. Overture has grown significantly with installations in the education and enterprise space at sites such as Smithsonian Institution museums (U.S.), University of Northampton (U.K.), and Videlio (France). The ease of deployment using only configuration makes Overture a suitable all-in-one solution for organizations looking to control, monitor, and manage all audiovisual devices within their campus.

Actions can be automated using behaviors, such as switching all devices off or on, which can be performed at various levels (campus, building, floor, and room). Overture also integrates with organizations’ Active Directory for authentication and authorization and with their Exchange or Office 365 to automate behaviors linked to the room’s schedule. Overture is also designed to be scalable and secure, and enables AV and IT staff to quickly troubleshoot equipment and rooms from the remote helpdesk. The software evolves on a continuous basis with enhanced features to improve the user’s experience, and is available in cloud and on-premise versions.


Barix says that it has put the smartphone at the center of its new solutions. Its AudioPoint 3.0 streams live, ultra-low-latency audio to multiple smartphones, and the Barix RetailPlayer managed distribution for background music are results of this effort. In 2019 RetailPlayer will allow the management of local players from smartphone by simply scanning a QR code.

The coming year will also bring the launch of, which automatically records paging messages and sends them to the smartphone of everyone who has registered. Developed in cooperation with cloud service provider MoH, this solution will allow visitors of public spaces, libraries, museums, and subways, for example, to listen to announcements on smartphones repeatedly and never miss an announcement.

“Barix has long addressed audio and control over IP requirements with cost-effective, innovative approaches,” said Reto Brader, CEO, Barix. “Talking to customers, discussing their needs, and developing clever solutions is why Barix will be a company to watch in 2019.”


BenQ is focusing on its line of interactive flat panel displays, like the RP6501.

BenQ is focusing on its line of interactive flat panel displays, like the RP6501.

In 2019, BenQ will strive to reimagine success for students by giving schools affordable display solutions that are easy to use and capture students’ attention. BenQ’s interactive Blue Core laser projectors for education provide a large, clear, and vibrant image that can be seen all the way to the back of the room. To rev up learning, they can also double as hubs where students can interact with curriculum content via pen or touch. With no lamps to replace and 20,000 hours of bright and reliable imaging, these projectors allow districts to make smart use of their limited funds.

In addition, the company’s series of interactive flat panels (IFP) are particularly well suited for the education market. Featuring TÜV-certified, low-blue-light, flicker-free technologies and bacteria-resistant surfaces, these IFPs help students enjoy interactive learning opportunities while protecting their eyes from damaging blue light emissions and flicker that may cause adverse health effects, as well as prevent the spread of germs.


With a history of pushing technological boundaries, Christie is looking forward to continue growing as an end-to-end digital display solution company and remain at the forefront of innovation with solutions that include Christie MicroTiles, Christie Boxer, and Christie Mystique, among others.

The company recently introduced two new laser projectors in CineAsia, which are already shipping and will continue to do so in 2019. Christie will release new products in LCD flat panel solutions (including a new series set to be introduced in late February), LED video walls that are designed to be easier and faster to install, and the new Christie Mirage SST RGB laser projector, which is designed for theme parks and domes and will ship in early 2019. Christie will also add to its selection of content management systems. The new ATS Series of projectors will launch in early January along with another new series beginning in February with new projectors added to the family as 2019 progresses.

Christie says that ISE 2019 promises to be a memorable show at its booth, with several new solutions being showcased for the first time anywhere in the world.


Crestron enters 2019 with new technology designed to bridge the gap between IoT and AV in the workplace. Crestron will be shipping Crestron Flex, a line of brand-new open unified communications and collaboration solutions that natively support Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Zoom. Crestron will also be unveiling the next-generation DM NVX, featuring new hardware options and processing enhancements. Crestron Scheduling Solutions are also set to take booking to the next level, featuring broad hardware choices for every space, combined with the ability to choose from eight software partners. In addition, Crestron will be offering more FT2 Series FlipTop connectivity solutions, combining modern technology and ease of installation in an elegant design.


d&b audiotechnik reports that 2018 was an exciting year for the company, as its technology vision produced two major product launches: the d&b Soundscape and the SL-Series, GSL system large-format line array.

The arrival of d&b Soundscape has realized the idea of enhancing the listening experience for the audience and enabling mixers and artists to create sound designs with a visceral connection to the performance. The technology has seen fast adoption in varied applications including multiple musical performances, churches, professional sports arenas, rock venue installations, electronic music tours, outdoor open-air events, and more.

In 2019, d&b is set to move the bar again with the launch of the KSL-System, a little brother to GSL, delivering improved directivity control to transmit “all of the art to where the audience is, and less noise to where they are not.”

d&b says that its value-added technologies and tools are the glue that bind everything together. In 2019, the company will focus on installations and integrators in particular, with new tools to design, control, and manage audio systems in the pipeline.


DVEO, a provider of Linux IP-based video delivery, points to its market foresight as a reason to keep an eye on it in 2019. Since its 2007 launch of Linux IP product for PC-type platforms, DVEO’s product line has evolved to include encoders, decoders, transcoders, servers, video players, ad inserters, and many niche products.

Some product lines to watch going forward are its VIDEO PLATFORM II: IPTV, which delivers corporate, entertainment, or educational channels to thousands of devices; VOD FILE SEGMENTER, which simultaneously transcodes files into multiple profiles for the unique video/audio formats needed by servers, edit systems, web, and mobile devices; and ATLAS Packaging Server Family, which converts live or stored transport streams into HLS or DASH, for delivery to Roku players and iOS and Android devices.


Among Extron’s highlights is the NAV Pro AV-over-IP platform, which operates on both 1Gb and 10Gb infrastructures.

Among Extron’s highlights is the NAV Pro AV-over-IP platform, which operates on both 1Gb and 10Gb infrastructures.

As 2019 approaches, Extron is highlighting its engineering expertise and strategic initiatives, including streaming solutions, integration with a host of unified communications providers, and a control platform that securely ties it all together.

Among the company’s highlights is the NAV Pro AV-over-IP platform and the patented PURE3 codec showcasing visually lossless performance. According to the company, the NAV System is the only solution that operates on both 1Gb and 10Gb infrastructures, allowing for interoperability and design flexibility.

Through exciting partnerships with leading UC solution providers, Extron is also working to transform the way today’s workers and students collaborate. Leveraging software and reliable hardware, Extron is striving to deliver convenient, centralized control of conference systems, audio, video, lighting, window shades, and more, while also providing insight into resource management, utilization, and other key analytics.


According to Hall Research’s CEO Ali Haghjoo, “The pro AV market is now a mature industry where you need to acquire, be acquired, or be left behind.” After being in business for more than 30 years, Hall was acquired in mid 2018 by Blackford Capital and is gearing up for growth in the coming year. With the professional guidance of a board of directors whose members come from inside and outside the industry, Hall will now have greater access to capital and business expertise. You can expect to see Hall Research focus more on what it considers its core strengths: serving its customers and providing excellent service and engineering to develop exciting new products and grow with the industry.


Harman’s AMX brand will focus on expanding its solutions for the huddle room with advancements around the Acendo product line.

Harman’s AMX brand will focus on expanding its solutions for the huddle room with advancements around the Acendo product line.

Harman expects 2019 to be an exciting year, as the company will make a push into voice control for the corporate, education, and hospitality environments—particularly as it relates to privacy and security. The AMX brand will focus on expanding its solutions for the huddle room with advancements around the Acendo product line. Software will play a leading role in the Harman 2019 strategy across audio, lighting, and control brands, with the aim of making the integrator and end-user experience more efficient.


KanexPro—provider of AV connectivity products designed to empower the ability to broadcast, extend, split, or multiply HD signal transmissions simply and cost-effectively—recently launched the 8x8 HDMI 2.0 to HDBaseT Matrix Switcher (MX-HDBT8X818G), which shifts inputs to outputs over Cat-5e/6 utilizing an HDBaseT switcher to deliver 4K60 with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The HDMI 2.0 Switcher is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports video resolutions up to 4K/2K at 60Hz, 4:4:4, and multichannel digital audio.

In the year ahead, KanexPro is set to launch new matrix switchers with the latest in 4K technology, along with distribution amplifiers with enhanced capabilities. In terms of markets, KanexPro will continue to focus on creating solutions for education, business, government, entertainment, healthcare, and other verticals.


Luxul is planning to release several new products in Q1 2019. These include its Easy Setup App, which allows integrators to install a Luxul router and up to two wireless access points (APs) at the same time from a smartphone; and the next-generation XWC-2000 wireless controller, which the company says delivers twice the capacity of its predecessor with support for up to 32 APs, allowing each AP to be configured for a designated wireless channel, in addition to supporting individual wireless transmit power adjustment.

Luxul will also continue its emphasis on a free service it launched to its dealers in 2018 called the Customer Assurance Program, or CAP, in response to the increase in everyday connected devices that depend on reliable networks. The program is supported by a guarantee to meet customers’ reliability and performance requirements relating to Wi-Fi. Its support team is available to dealers requiring assistance configuring their certified networks, while any product experiencing a failure will be promptly replaced.


In recent years, Matrox Graphics has released a number of IP-based technologies for capture, real-time encoding, streaming, recording, switching, decoding, extension, and fully programmable command and control. These innovations—including Matrox Maevex multi-4K enterprise encoders, Extio 3 IP KVM extenders, and Mura IPX video wall capture and multiviewer cards—leverage more than 42 years of industry experience and know-how. Matrox says that 2019 is going to have many more signature announcements that build on these advancements.


Mersive says its focus for 2019 is on its Solstice wireless collaboration solution, which is designed to boost productivity by putting content at the center of the meeting experience. Building on the success of its core wireless collaboration solution, Mersive is leveraging Solstice as a platform to continue expanding its offerings to improve meetings.

Solstice is evolving into a complete meeting platform, including scheduling before the meeting, collaboration during the meeting, and signage display at all other times. Mersive’s Kepler is a cloud-based analytics tool that streamlines ongoing oversight of Solstice deployments and provides actionable meeting analytics based on Solstice usage. Solstice users can also wirelessly share content onto a display using the native screen mirroring capabilities of all major operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Mersive is also adding an accessibility improvement called Spoken Screen Key. This feature can be enabled to assist the visually impaired by speaking the screen key when a user connects.


MSE Audio—the parent company of seven brands: SoundTube Entertainment, Soundsphere, dARTS, Phase Technology, Induction Dynamics, SolidDrive, and Rockustics—says it has a wide variety of audio solutions in store for the coming year for both residential and commercial applications.

In 2018, MSE Audio launched many versatile, all-weather solutions, including the OS-440, Cherry Bomb, and STNet Speakers. Creating a hub for outdoor audio, the OS-440 from Phase Technology is the industry’s first weatherproof smart amplifier, according to the company. Rockustics’ landscape speaker—dubbed the Cherry Bomb—is a three-way, all-in-one speaker with a 5-inch, double-chamber, band-pass subwoofer, 4-inch woofer, and 0.75-inch tweeter. And, SoundTube added new outdoor models to its IP-addressable, Dante-enabled STNet speaker line, featuring BroadBeam Ring high-frequency dispersion technology for clear, understandable messaging and music.


NEC Display Solutions of America focuses on delivering customer-centric, complete solutions that engage end users and push the innovation envelope, and 2019 will be no different. For example, the NEC ALP retail solution is designed to give store operators firsthand insight into the ROI on the advertising and messaging they invest in by combining facial detection and measurement to deliver true business intelligence. In addition, InfinityBoard, a global collaboration tool that goes beyond typical whiteboarding capabilities, comes loaded with a front camera and custom speakers, making it an all-in-one videoconferencing tool that can connect and collaborate with multiple displays from anywhere in the world. Combined with myriad solutions still under development, NEC says 2019 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years yet for delivering new, exciting solutions to elevate customers’ businesses.


NewTek Connect Spark makes cameras and other video output devices available as sources for other NDI-compatible systems and software on a network.

NewTek Connect Spark makes cameras and other video output devices available as sources for other NDI-compatible systems and software on a network.

NewTek believes the future of video is software, computers, and networks. To ensure video creators are prepared for this, NewTek has established a foundation for end-to-end IP-based workflows in video production.

Beyond its product offerings—such as TriCaster TC1 live production systems and 3Play 3P1 video replay systems—NewTek’s NDI royalty-free technology enables compatible systems, devices, and applications to connect and communicate over IP to share video, audio, and data. Integrated into products by hundreds of companies and in development with thousands more, and readily accessible by millions of people worldwide, NDI is among the most widely adopted and used IP standards in the world.

NDI now includes an embedded software development kit (SDK) for manufacturers of video devices, including cameras, monitors, converters, game consoles, videoconferencing solutions, projectors, smart boards, and more.


Nureva plans for 2019 revolve around its focus on taking a fresh look at the problems that stand in the way of truly powerful team collaboration.

In the audio field, it will continue to develop the platform for Microphone Mist technology that powers the HDL300 systems, and explore the possibilities that come with filling a space with thousands of virtual microphones. In 2019, this will bring new innovations in the way that audio data can be managed and manipulated to support a wide variety of use cases and collaboration scenarios. As part of this exploration, Nureva will continue to expand its ecosystem of integrations and complementary products while inviting developers to push the boundaries further using its audio API.

In the visual collaboration space, the company will continue to focus on the digital transformation of collaborative processes such as lean, agile, and design thinking. Tremendous business value is waiting to be unlocked by accelerating these processes with powerful, simple tools, and Nureva believes it is at the center of this trend. The company will also work to grow its cloud-based Span Workspace and Nureva Wall solution, combined with third-party collaborations to help clients achieve the transformation they’re looking for without sacrificing what they love about their existing processes.


Peerless-AV is very excited for 2019 and has a lot to look forward to. The company says its continued focus for this coming year will be to provide customers and partners with all-encompassing solutions, such as the SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV LED video wall integration program. Through this program, it offers project management, engineering resources, and design services—creating everything from flat to curved, and indoor to outdoor direct-view LED video walls.

For 2019, Peerless-AV will also be introducing more fully integrated kiosks with display, touch, and a more robust BrightSign media player featuring an HDMI pass-thru. The company will also be expanding its size range for the Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays, and will continue offering its products worldwide and providing global support to meet the needs of integrators and partners.


ProVideoInstruments (PVI) says its focus for the coming year is the same as it has always been: to “quietly and decisively” build on its reputation as a manufacturer of solid digital video distribution systems. PVI provides advanced video compression and distribution technologies designed to simplify every application. Among its offerings is the recently launched VePlayer, an IPTV streaming video wall player with the ability to play up to four streams per TV in mosaic mode.

In addition, PVI has received acclaim for its MiniMod-2 and VeCASTER, both designed for enhanced video distribution. In 2019, PVI will continue offering its solutions with feature-rich technology for SD, HD, and 4K UHD digital video projects in hospitality, security, construction, marine, transportation, government, education, entertainment, and more.


In 2018, Prysm introduced its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, an interactive, single-panel, large-format display offering a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels. Following this news, the company announced new global partnerships to meet customer demand.

As a centerpiece for high-value meeting and collaboration spaces, the LPD 6K has helped transform the standard Power Point session into immersive presentations to drive ROI and overall engagement. Throughout the coming year, Prysm will strive to continue to raise the bar for video walls and presentation and collaboration approaches to engage audiences, ignite innovative thinking, drive decisions, and transform content into experiences.


QSC celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, which the company says was a great opportunity to reflect on its history of growth and innovation while forging ahead with its eyes on the future.

Heading into 2019, QSC is excited to focus on solutions that round out the Q-SYS ecosystem. This end-to-end component portfolio will offer processing, networking, audio, video, and control capabilities in a single, software-based platform.

This year, QSC will also deliver additional video solutions that are optimized specifically for the meeting room and are native to Q-SYS. It will also begin shipping Q-SYS Reflect, which is designed to allow enterprises to monitor and manage their ecosystem, including third-party peripherals to help increase AV uptime and reduce AV support costs. QSC will demonstrate Q-SYS Reflect at ISE 2019.

Finally, the company’s Live Sound and Cinema divisions will release new high-performance solutions for professional installed, portable, production, and cinema applications.


In 2018, RTI introduced several new products, including an extensive line of AV signal management solutions, upgraded control processors, and RTiQ remote management system. In 2019, the company plans to continue building its software platforms to enhance the dealer experience for customers worldwide. One example of this is the introduction of the RTIXCEL online learning management system.

On the product side, RTI plans to release the new KA8 and KA11 touchpanels with 8-and 11-inch high-resolution touchscreens that are designed to be wall mounted or used with an accessory stand for desktop installation. In partnership with Pulse-Eight, RTI will introduce its new X-series lineup of video distribution products including the flagship VHD-Ux 8x10 Matrix Switch, 4x4 and 8x10 HDBaseT matrix switches, HDBaseT extenders (including 4K60 HDR), a splitter, and a 4K downscaler. Finally, the company will add new collaboration and presentation solutions like the VXU-SC videoconferencing system.


Sennheiser is set to scale its presence in the education market during 2019 with several new products and offerings—each making its mark in the AV market. With the goal of providing “futureproof technologies” for IT managers in the education sector, Sennheiser will highlight its strengths in premium audio solutions with products like its SpeechLine Digital system, which includes features like automatic frequency and interference management. Further, its MobileConnect solution makes it easy for educators to communicate more easily with the hearing impaired. Finally, its Control Cockpit, which debuted at InfoComm last year, is designed to bring workflow efficiencies to IT managers working in education, while allowing for remote servicing and troubleshooting.


Shure says that its product roadmap and investments are setting the AV community up for success in 2019.

The Shure Experience Center recently opened in downtown Chicago. It features interactive product demos for end users, architects, builders, integrators, and the AV personnel who design, recommend, and maintain enterprise systems.

Microflex Complete Wireless System (MXCW) will be made available in 2019. MXCW is an all-in-one wireless portable conferencing solution that is well suited for historic buildings or flexibly configured rooms. Automatic interference detection and avoidance technology delivers high-quality transmission in crowded RF environments.

The latest version of Shure’s Designer software is also being released. Designer 3.1 provides users with a single software tool to design and commission system installations quickly and consistently. It will support Shure’s expanded product portfolio, including Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array and MXA310 Table Array Microphones, IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor, and ANIUSB-Matrix USB Audio Network Interface.


Among Sony Electronics’ goals is to bring new educational technologies and products to the market to help transform higher education institutions’ approaches in the classroom and around campus. From a collaborative forum sourcing leadership opinions that help design and guide the development of products and solutions, to an engaging mobile admissions app that offers customized virtual tours and targeted communications, as well as two-way, immersive active learning technology, Sony is working to position itself at the forefront of the latest trends.

In 2019, Sony’s education solutions will include an eco-friendly, cloud-based service for sharing and collaborating using the company’s electronic digital notepad; software-based lecture capture for creating, sharing, and analyzing rich media video; and a web console, camera-tracking mechanism; handwriting extraction resource; and real-time cropping capability for providing powerful and dynamic analytics.


tvONE says its work centers on producing solutions that respond to the toughest challenges in AV integration by delivering both low-latency IP video encoding and decoding, as well as pure 4K60 solutions. tvONE claims that it consistently achieves a reliability level of less than 0.03 percent failure, so that its products reach the field ready to work in critical environments.

In 2019, tvONE will be introducing a new line of 4K multiviewers called CORIOview, and later in the year, a new series of video processors that will deliver processing at 40 times the speed and bandwidth of the company’s current systems. Look for installations accomplished by top-tier integrators using the company’s processing with LED, display, and projection manufacturers.


In 2019, Utelogy is looking forward to continue furnishing its enterprise-class management, data analytics, and control platform for workspaces.

Utelogy’s brand-agnostic software is designed to enable enterprises and higher education institutions to harness the power of network connectivity and metrics integration to gather device and workspace data to make better decisions faster, with new features in U-Manage. These new features include a redesigned interface and navigation; dashboard customization; preconfigured Report Library; reports customization; alerts and notifications; and documented APIs for third-party development.

With a continued focus on building integration points through a documented set of APIs, Utelogy will look to maintain its emphasis on empowering end users and/or their development partners to custom tailor how U-Manage data can be integrated and used within its existing enterprise business systems.


ViewSonic’s goal for 2019 is to continue to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of its partners and customers, as well as sustaining the evolution from being product based to a solution-focused company. In 2018, ViewSonic claims that it had the highest market share among IFP solutions with its ViewBoard displays. Going forward, it will work to broaden the ViewBoard series through the development of interactive software and hardware capabilities, as well as further evolving its commercial displays with wayfinding and emergency alert features to offer the most comprehensive solutions

ViewSonic is also launching a dedicated AV Solutions Program designed for pro AV partners to facilitate corporate, education, and retail customers. Benefits from the AV Solutions Program include additional quarterly volume incentive rebates, special pricing allowances and incentives, bid registration, sales/technical training, exclusive 24/7 VIP Hotline, and more.


Xytech, a provider of streamlined, cost-effective end-to-end facilities management solutions for the post-production and broadcast market, has been helping these industries boost their efficiency for 30 years. Its proprietary software, MediaPulse, which manages scheduling, bidding, billing, and invoicing, features a configurable UI for specific users and tasks, and is available on web and mobile devices. 

This year, Xytech took its technology one step further when it debuted its new Dash platform, a nimble facilities management solution for modest-sized companies that equips them with the same key features as MediaPulse but allows them to customize the solution to fit their specific needs.


Yamaha’s YVC-200 USB + Bluetooth speakerphone is a portable device for enhanced communication for on-the-go workers.

Yamaha’s YVC-200 USB + Bluetooth speakerphone is a portable device for enhanced communication for on-the-go workers.

In 2019 Yamaha Unified Communications will continue its mission of bringing people together to connect, collaborate, and create. More specifically, it will continue to focus on collaboration solutions that make huddle spaces more accessible and enjoyable to use. The Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System optimizes audio, video, and collaboration capabilities in a wall-mounted system, for a natural and intuitive meeting experience. The YVC-200 USB + Bluetooth speakerphone is a portable device for enhanced communication for on-the-go workers.

Yamaha Professional Audio division, building upon the company’s growth in pro audio around the world, is transitioning critical R&D head office functions by expanding teams in the U.S. and Europe. This global team will ensure that Yamaha, NEXO, and Steinberg group of companies integrates the voice of the professional audio customer in the many vertical markets that the company serves. This will allow for a higher level of engagement within product segments where Yamaha sees opportunity to create ideal systems for customers in need of speakers, amplifiers, network switches, and commercial installation solutions (CIS), now bolstered by new team members and adding to the company’s traditional leadership position in digital mixing. 

The team will participate in research, education, and training initiatives, and support industry associations. This new commitment to Yamaha global customers will be added to the sales and support policies that the company has traditionally brought to its worldwide presence.

Matt Pruznick

Matt Pruznick is the former editor of AV Technology, and senior editor for Systems Contractor News and Residential Systems. He is based in New York.