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AVIXA's 2020 Emerging Talent Award: Edinys Guzman

Edinys Guzman, a student at Lincoln Tech, was recently named the first-ever recipient of AVIXA's Emerging Talent Award. We sat down with her to hear more of her story.

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Edinys Guzman

Edinys Guzman (Image credit: AVIXA)

AVN: How did you get your start in the pro AV industry?

EDINYS GUZMAN: I became interested in the pro AV industry while attending Lincoln Tech. One of the courses was an AV module class and it focused on control systems based on Crestron control systems, which further intrigued me and made want to learn more.

AVN: What do you believe will dominate tech conversations for the next year?

EG: Given what has been going on in the world during the first half of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe people realizing how important virtual learning is and how important it will be for all avenues and aspects of our lives and future of the world.

AVN: Do you have a mentor in the industry? Tell us a little about him and how he has inspired you?

EG: Yes, I do have a mentor—Columbus Jones. He is a Lincoln Tech instructor and he is very well-versed in and engulfed in the AV world. He has truly been an amazing mentor in my life, and he’s taught me so much and guided me in the right path.

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AVN: What can the pro AV industry do to attract and retain the next generation of technology professionals?

EG: I believe to attract and retain the next generation of techs, the AV industry should be more inclusive in the diversity of people they hire, including hiring across different experience levels. Many times, when people are given the right opportunities and are taught well, they will be dedicated to grow with the industry, and will be more apt to remain loyal, hardworking, and committed.

AVN: Where do you see your career heading from here?

EG: I really enjoy all aspects of the AV industry, so I’m open to any positive opportunities headed my way. Most importantly, I’m excited about continuing to grow and learn as much as possible about the industry, and to be a great asset as an AV tech/professional.

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Megan A. Dutta is a pro AV industry journalist, and the former content director for Systems Contractor News (SCN) and Digital Signage Magazine, both Future U.S. publications. Dutta previously served as the marketing communications manager at Peerless-AV, where she led the company’s marketing and communications department. Dutta is the recipient of AVIXA's 2017 Young AV Professional Award and Women in Consumer Technology's 2018 Woman to Watch Award. Dutta is co-founder of Women of Digital Signage, an organization designed to provide a pathway to promote networking, mentoring, and personal growth.