Absen Acclaim A2725 Plus Video Wall Review

Absen Acclaim Plus LED panel
Absen Acclaim Plus Series LED panel (Image credit: Absen)

Absen’s Acclaim Plus Series LED video wall is, in my opinion, the next evolution of LED technology, with higher resolution and contrast than a typical LED panel. Having personally installed and calibrated several video walls over the past several years, I can say that the Absen panels bring a level of simplicity to the usually complex process.

I was given Acclaim A2725 Plus LED video wall panels for testing and review by Absen. Upon opening the box and inspecting the A2725, I was initially struck by how lightweight the back panel is. The lightweight design (about 13.25 pounds) makes it easy to handle and maneuver for setup.

The panels may be mounted on a wall via Absen’s EasyMount Kit, hung, or installed on a third-party floor-stacking rig. The EasyMount Kit’s locking system is intuitive and simple, allowing a single person to quickly set up and connect the panels.

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The Acclaim Plus Series can be installed and maintained without rear access. Once the EasyMount Kit is installed on the wall, remove the modules from the frame, mount the panels to the kit, align the panels, and then put the modules back on. When connecting a module to the frame, SlideTrack functionality allows the module to ease into place and snap to connect.

Jeremy Caldera installs an Absen Acclaim Plus video wall for a client.

Jeremy Caldera installed an Absen Acclaim Plus video wall for a client last year. (Image credit: Jeremy Caldera)

Once the back panels were locked together, it was interesting to see how the system is built to allow access to serviceable parts from the front. The power supplies and memory hub (calibration memory is stored here) along with other components could easily be serviced if needed in the future.

The horizontal and vertical panel locking system made for a smooth transition between multiple panels, which anyone who has installed this technology knows is vital for a smooth, flat, and seamless finished look.

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Another great feature is the smaller depth compared to other panels from other manufacturers, allowing ADA compliance when this series is installed on a wall. When wall-mounted with the EasyMount Kit, the depth of the assembly is less than 9 cm.

Standard 16x9 Size, Pixel to Pixel 4K & HD Resolutions

Models in the Acclaim Plus Series have a standard size and 16:9 aspect ratio. Pictured is a diagram of pixel to pixel 4K and HD resolutions. (Image credit: Absen)

Because LED panels are bezel-less and modular, LED video walls can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes. The panels themselves are native 16:9, making expandability in standard formats easy, yet still leaving the ability for designers to be creative.

Each main backing features a magnetic lock for the smaller LED panels to easily position themselves, creating a seamless look. A simple vacuum tool removes them for service, allowing for access to the back plane.

The wall itself is driven by the Novastar processor, which all integrators and commissioners know and love (to a point). The software may be less than intuitive, but once you understand it and configure the panels, simply said, it just works. Reliability is crucial, and I will take the more complex interface over a less reliable product and fancy setup software any day. Connectivity between the processor and panels is also very easy, utilizing category type cable.

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Once you’ve calibrated the video wall, the image quality is fantastic. The large color gamut (110% NTSC), adjustable brightness, high refresh rate (1920–3840 Hz) and high contrast ratio (4,000:1) all make for stunning, crystal-clear video and images.

Pixel Pitch

Absen Acclaim Plus Series has five pixel pitches to choose from:
•  1.58mm pitch: A2712 Plus and A2715 Plus
•  1.9mm pitch: A2719 Plus
•  2.54mm pitch: A2725 Plus
•  3.81mm pitch: A2738 Plus
All models in the Acclaim Plus Series are a standard 25.5-inch size and 16:9 aspect ratio.

There are many rules of thumb for figuring out the critical distance at which people will no longer perceive the individual pixels in a video wall. It’s my impression that with the 2.5mm pixel pitch Acclaim A2725 Plus I tested, the required minimum distance for viewers is smaller than with other models. I was able to blend the image and pixels (2.5mm panels) as close as 9 to 10 feet from the display. I will say, however, the image is even better as you move further away.

Overall, the Absen Acclaim Plus Series LED display sets the bar high for manufacturing quality, ease of installation, versatility, and image quality. An easy installation saves time and money for both the integrator and end user.

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This product is ideal for installations in almost any vertical market, from retail to hospitality and the corporate world. The LED walls will really shine in those high-end demanding spaces such as auditoriums, boardrooms, and lobbies.

Absen A2725 Plus Specs

The 2.5mm pixel pitch Absen A2725 Plus reviewed here weighs 6 kg (about 13.25 pounds) and has a brightness of 1,000 nits.

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Panel Dimensions (WxHxD)610mm x 343mm x 49mm
Pixels Per Panel240 x 135
Panel Weight6 kg (about 13.25 pounds)
Module Dimensions (WxHxD)152.5mm x 343mm
Brightness1,000 nits
Refresh Rate1920~3840 Hz
Greyscale14 bit
Contrast Ratio4,000:1
Color Temperature6,500° K
Viewing Angle160° horizontal, 140° vertical
Operating Temperature14° F to 104° F
Operating Humidity10% ~ 80%
IP RatingIP40 (front), IP21 (rear)
LED Lifetime100,000 hours
Module MaintenanceFront
PSU & Others MaintenanceFront
Panel Installation TypeStack, Front/Rear Installation
Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I

Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I is an expert in the professional audiovisual industry with over 25 years of experience. Currently a senior vice president of audiovisual technology at Pearl Technology, a leader in AV and IT services based in Peoria, IL, Caldera specializes in the planning and design of audiovisual systems, organizational management, employee motivation, and the development of corporate standards and business growth strategies. Caldera is also a partner at BNCO Consulting and Top Shelf Digital Media.

Caldera is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. He worked with his alma mater, Columbia College, to form a partnership with the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) to develop an Audiovisual Systems Integration concentration within the college’s Audio Arts and Acoustics department. This partnership served as a model for what is now a major tenant of the AVIXA Foundation, which provides access to skills education, career pathways, and hands-on experiences to inspire the next generation of leaders in AV.

Caldera is an active volunteer both within the pro AV industry and his community. He previously served as the chair of AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Certification Program where he oversaw the development and administration of CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I certifications. From 2017 to 2019, Caldera was a member of AVIXA’s Leadership Search Committee which appoints and develops mentors to serve on the AVIXA Board of Directors. He also is the chair of the committee for the renewal of the AVIXA/ANSI 2M standard. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Junior Achievement of Central Illinois and the Morton Premier Soccer Club.

Caldera holds a B.A. in Audio Arts and Acoustics from Columbia College, and has won several industry and community awards and honors, including: Systems Contractor News Hall of Fame (2021); iBi’s Peoria Top 40 Leaders under 40 (2017), the NSCA’s Randy Vaughan Founders Award (2017), AVIXA’s Educator of the Year (2017), Commercial Integrator’s 40 under 40 (2015), and AVIXA’s Young Professional Award (2015).