A Whole New Pitch for LED Displays

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This year Optoma announced its FHDQ130 QUAD LED All-In-One, 130-inch diagonal (114" x 65.3"), 1080p, 1.5mm pixel pitch display that builds off its successful projector business. The QUAD LED has already garnered awards for its preassembled and pre-calibrated design which significantly reduces installation time—while offering flexibility in an optional mobile, motorized stand. 

Not a “Me Too” LED Tile Display

At first glance integrators might look at the all-in-one, easy to install QUAD LED as taking money out of their pockets by reducing installation time from three days to three hours. 

End users will see an opportunity to save thousands of dollars on installation time, reducing the barrier to entry for a 130-inch, 1.5mm pixel pitch display that can be used in any lighting environment and suitable for nearly every application from viewing spreadsheets in a boardroom to high-end fashion in a retail store.

Additionally, the Optoma QUAD LED All-In-One can be used as a fix installation or mounted onto a motorized stand, making it even more attractive because it can be moved around a building to where it is needed and maximize usage, bringing down the total cost of ownership. 

How Everyone Wins

“What we're seeing is that there are a number of barriers to entry with LED tile solutions, and overall cost is absolutely one of them, said Jon Grodem, senior director strategy and planning at Optoma Technology. Not every integration firm has the experienced engineering staff to dedicate two or three days to an LED tile installation. “We want to make the installation easier for integrators so they can go find more opportunities and not spend all the time developing or doing the installs,” said Grodem. “We view our total solution here as a way to expand the market by simplifying what happens on the back end during the install.”

By reducing the overall cost with the QUAD LED, integrators will be able to provide their clients with solutions they want at prices they can justify. “This means that they'll be able to captivate more clients and cover a wider range of installations,” said Brian Soto, head of product management at Optoma Technology. 

Listening to Its Customers

During discovery meetings with Optoma’s key partners, integrators and end users have been requesting more turnkey solutions. “That's a whole reduction of the complexity message,” said Grodem. “Right now, LED walls are just too complex and put many people off. Today everything else has been that piece and part.”

Optoma continues to innovate and drive installation and display costs down while providing the whole solution. “We're trying to reduce the complexity by removing those hidden cost structures,” said Grodem. The ease-of-installation, ease-of-use and the mobility of the FHDQ130 QUAD LED All-In-One will open up more vertical opportunities for integrators while addressing the needs of the end users.


With this new product category and innovative design, Grodem said, “we want to be involved to make sure that everything goes smoothly from the spec-ing of the product all the way through to the install.” Someone from Optoma will be on site to help supervise the installation, work with installers and provide any support needed.

“We believe in using integrators, dealers and installers— that's just our general philosophy for all our products,” concluded Grodem.

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